Contrary to earlier Reports of Corona virus spread to Egypt,A test carried out on the suspect has been confirmed negetive

By development,African has been certified free for now of the corona virus Disease .

According to the spokes person of the ministry of Health in Egypt Khaled Megahed,A medical team comprising of Egypt and WHO officials have been conducting periodic checks on him which have come out negetive.

The Patient is still to remain under quarantine for the next Fourteen days.

Just a few days ago Health Ministers at an Emergency meeting in Mali,affirmed that there was a case of the virus in Egypt, making it the first to be recorded in African.

It was also confirmed by the the spokesman of the health Ministry in Egypt Khaled Mugahed in a press release on Friday 14 February 2020

The press statement by Mugahed had stated that,the affected person was a foreigner who did not show any serious symptoms of the disease.

This latest update brings to mind many questions as to wither African is actually prepared to handle any possible outbreak, nor have the capability to carry out credible Laboratory analysis about the Corona virus Disease

Since the out break of the Virus from Wuhan in China, about one thousand,Seven hundred death have been recorded, With over Sixty four thousand cases in about twenty five countries,the latest being the United Kingdom

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