The Nigeria Center for Disease Control has confirmed the record of fourteen cases.

Thirteen out of the news cases are from Lagos, while one is from Delta State.

This brings to a total of 288 cases for Nigeria,51Discharged while Number of Deaths are Seven.

Summary Below.

*** confirmed cases for Nigeria 288.Discharged 51 And 7 Deaths

Lagos Confirmed cases 158 (124) on Admission (39) Discharged And (2)Deaths

**Abuja-54 confirmed cases (39) on Admission, (7)Discharged

**Osun -20 confirmed cases (19) on Admission, (1)Discharged

***Edo-12 Confirmed cases (9) on Admission (0)Discharged & 1 Deaths

**Oyo-11 Confirmed cases (10 ) On Admission, (0)Discharged

**Bauchi-6 Confirmed cases, (3)on Admission, (0)Discharged.

***AKWA Ibom-5 confirmed cases, (5)On Admission (0) Discharged

***Kaduna-5 Confirmed cases, (4)On Admission (0)Discharged

***Ogun-4 Confirmed cases,(2)on Admission & (2)Discharged.

**Enugu -2 Confirmed cases (2)On Admission & (0)Discharged

***Ekiti-2 Confirmed cases (1)Discharged (1) On Admission

***Kwara-2 confirmed cases (0)Discharged & (0)on Admission &(2) Deaths.

***Rivers State-2 confirmed cases (1) Discharged (1) on Admission

***Benue-1 Confirmed case(1) On Admission (0) Discharged.

***Ondo-1 Confirmed case(1) On Admission (0)Discharged

***Delta State-2 Confirmed case (1) on Admission & ( 1) Death

***Katisina State-1 Confirmed case (o) on Admission (0)Discharged And (1) Death

This Brings Nigeria to a total of 288 Confirmed cases in Nigeria


And 7 deaths

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