In order to increase COVID19 testing capacity in Lagos, the State Government has set up sampling stations in the 20 local government areas of the State where citizens that fit the case definition of COVID19 can visit to drop samples for testing.

Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi said the strategy is geared towards bringing COVID19 testing opportunity closer to the people.

He added that the idea is also aimed at taking work strain off health workers that visit several local government for case search and sample collection.

Abayomi stressed that the new arrangement would provide opportunity for people at the local government with symptoms of COVID19 to present themselves early for testing.

While answering a question on the use of facemask for COVID19 prevention, Abayomi disclosed that wearing of face masks does not protect against COVID19 Infection but rather protect people around an infected person from the an increase amount of aerosol generated from coughing or sneezing.

“There is some theoretical evidence that the wearing of masks may indeed reduce the amount of droplets in the environment from the person that is infected with COVID19 and that is the reason why we are beginning to define the strategy of face masks for the general community”, he said.

Abayomi disclosed that the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has already given instructions that tailors and seamstresses should be commissioned to commence mass production of locally made face masks from a standard design that have been given to them.

He stated that the wearing of the home made mask is just to reduce the amount of droplets that may be produce and aerosolized by the process of coughing and sneezing.

He noted that the State is not encouraging the public to go and purchase medical mask because it would deprive the medical community of the medical mask that they require for their professional activity.

The Commissioner urged residents to report early symptoms of COVID19 infection to dedicated COVID19 toll free helplines – 08000CORONA as early presentation of COVID19 symptoms by patients will help provide best opportunity for patients to survive the infection and give room for timely and adequate intervention and care.

The Commissioner stated further that the two fatalities recorded in the Lagos was as a result of late presentation to the State facilities as they were already at a very late stage of their complications and eventually died .

The new death recorded brings to 14 deaths,93 Discharged cases,200 active cases and 306 Confirmed cases

He said the The deceased is a female, aged 83 with underlying health issues.

He advised residents to observe SocialDistancing and Stay at home to stop the transmission of #COVID19 infection

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