The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has designed a new activity aimed at improving the health and well-being of poor, urban adolescents .

The Approach is using a new, inclusive “co-creation” method to better understand the challenges faced by young person in leading healthy and productive lives.

USAID in a press release disclosed that The result was the five-year, $15 million award of the Youth-powered Ecosystem to Advance Urban Adolescent Health and Well-being activity to DAI Global, which will lead a group of specialized local partners to establish and strengthen a network of “youth hubs in Lagos and Kano States.

According to the statement, The hubs will provide two million adolescent girls and boys with safe spaces where they will acquire skills to lead healthier, more productive lives through counseling on reproductive health, practical information for workforce development, and fun activities and sports that encourage self-esteem and team building.

Deputy Health Office Director of USAID, Minal Amin, who coordinated the effort says The Nigerian organizations that participated in the process will be pivotal in reaching vulnerable youth with life-saving information and services and helping adolescents reach their fullest potential.

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