Quality Control As A Subset Of Quality Assurance




In modern times,the scope of Assurance has expanded & has become all encompassing, it starts from purchasing & delivery of raw materials, which is controlled by having a Supplier’s program; monitoring Production Processes; monitoring the Consistency & trends of Quality Control Program which involves checks, test & acceptance of raw materials, in-house checks & test of intermediate products, release of final product; involvement in product research processes which include packaging designs; monitoring storage & delivery processes & procedures of final products & involvement in customer feedback & satisfaction; finally establishment of processes & procedures & their attendant documents & record keeping of all the processes & procedures that have been carried out.That’s why QA is defined as part of Quality Management which involves all activities, processes & procedures put in place to providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled, hence triggers repeat purchase. QC is just a single aspect of QA, involving check and test.

In many climes, there are problems with both System & Process
approaches to quality in organizations & as such no synergy. Production, Stores, Packaging etc do not like QA/QC to really monitor what they do, hence, these are not followed.

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