The founder of Gokada, a motorcycle Fahim Saleh ride-sharing company in Lagos, Nigeria was found dead on Tuesday in his New York apartment.

33 Year Old Fahim Saleh who is also the co-founder of ride-sharing venture Pathao was found dead after The NYPD went to the seventh-floor condo bought by the techpreneur for $2.25 million last year after the victim’s sister called 911.

She came calling Tuesday because she hadn’t seen her brother in a day, then discovered his dismembered corpse.

An elevator surveillance camera may have caught the victim’s last moments, sources said. It showed the victim getting into the elevator Monday, followed quickly by a second man, dressed in a suit, wearing gloves, a hat and a mask over his face.

His Corps was found near contractor bags near the torso with An electric saw lying next to his dead Body.

NYPD spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves said
“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, and legs. Everything is still on the scene. We don’t have a motive,” he said.

Fahim Saleh, 33 a student of Bentley University, founded several startups including Pathao, Adventure Capital, KickBack Apps and Gokada

Gokada operated in lagos but the company faced setbacks and mass layoffs after Lagos ban of Okada use in January 2020 over road crashes and Security Concerns

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