Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode has described his visits across the country as a fact finding assessment meant to evolve strategies that could help solve the country’s challenges.

He has again apologized over the media outburst in Calabar, Cross River State, saying it is an action he regrets.

Speaking at a media chat to mark the end of his visit to Akwa Ibom State, Kayode said he was very impressed with the strides of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State.

Kayode who was emphatic on his source of funding for the tour said, “I am not being bankrolled by anyone. If I am being funded for this fact finding mission, I won’t be able to have a mind of my own.”

The former presidential spokesperson said the visit is a personal sacrifice which he has no regret undertaking.

“Akwa Ibom has really impressed me. I want to say this, you are blessed to have a Governor in mould of Mr Udom Emmanuel.”

“Governor Udom Emmanuel has attracted massive investments into Akwa Ibom State, you can only achieve that if you have an enabling environment. Gov Emmanuel is a focused and very disciplined professional.

Stressing that the visit was his first ever, he maintained that, “I have never been to Akwa Ibom before but what I have witnessed since I came in has been mindblowing. The state is not only very beautiful but truly blessed.”

The PDP chieftain whose recent outburst against a journalist in Cross River State sparked uproar in the media circle expressed regrets for the action, saying it was not worthy coming from a leader.

“I very much regret the Cross-River State incident, I let my anger becloud my better judgement. I deeply regret my actions on that day. My response was disproportionate and unacceptable, that is why I had to apologize to my family, friends and the Media world.

“No leader should ever be found wanting on such. I have reached out to the person in question and I am still reaching out to him again in love personally to say I deeply regret my actions towards him on that very day.

Kayode had taken a tour of projects located in Akwa Ibom for two days and holds an impression that, “Governor Udom Emmanuel has done exceedingly well.”
He told journalists that, “the projects I have seen on ground are all world class and very modern.

“I’ve been to various parts of Akwa-Ibom state and I’m amazed by what I’ve seen in this state.

This is not a question of propaganda it’s a question of infrastructural development and I must say that Akwa-Ibom state is blessed to have a Governor like Gov. Udom Emmanuel.”
He also lauded Governor Udom Emmanuel for the fight to stop cultism in Akwa Ibom and the general peace enjoyed within the state.

“I also must state emphatically that the security situation of this state is top notch, let me openly say that the Governor of Akwa-Ibom state has fought cultism in this state and this had contributed majorly to the peace in this state. It is not the case with many states I’ve been to, I must commend Gov. Udom Emmanuel on this”

He listed the projects he visited to include the King’s Flour Mill which produces 500 Tons of Flour, Jubilee Syringe which produces 400m syringes a year, a coconut oil factory that Process 300,000 coconuts a day and the Lions Plywood/Timber Factory.

While lauding other projects like the Ibom Air which currently has 5 aircrafts in its fleet, the new International Terminal Building being executed by the Government and the 21 Storey Tower built by the government for multinational companies, Chief Fani Kayode explained that the Innovations in the health care sector which have led to remodeling and reequipping of over 7 new General hospitals to world class standards.

“These hospitals were furnished with modern equipment from the best producers worlwide. With the containers of the equipment safely in the state, it was possible for the Governor, during the COVID 19 lockdown period, to establish a new PSR laboratory and Isolation Center which have all contributed to making the state less negatively affected by the pandemic.

“The network of roads to open up the state for investments. I am told that across the entire 31 LGAs, no local government is left untouched by at least one major expressway by this administration.

“The new 18,000 capacity Stadium in Eket from where I was able to also spot the towering ultramodern market,” he added.

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