Blackmail Boomerang: Blogger Maureen Badejo under Crossfire After Attacking MFM G.O.Dr D.K Olukoya




Blackmail Boomerang: Blogger Maureen Badejo under Crossfire After Attacking MFM G.O.

Written By Chisom Orji.

In the regular marketing environment, it is an established fact that attacking another person’s product is not an enduring strategy. But for new media, everything pays – both the good and the bad – in as much as it yields traffic!
I guess the scenario above formed the rationale behind the pot-shots currently being hauled at Churches and notable men of God by a London-based Blogger Maureen Badejo.
Governments, popular Men of God, Celebrities, Politicians, large Corporates and virtually any well-known entities are cheap targets for drawing organic traffic. When the traffic gets fairly large, monetization can start getting profitable. So, what a better way than to start a scandalous rumour around such revered figures for people to start trouping to a platform or site!

However, this strategy has backfired against this particular Vlogger, Ms Maureen Badejo, who has received more than she bargained for, when her nefarious activities began to receive backlashes from alarmed members of the public, who unearthed the unpalatable depth of outright misinformation, lies and slanderous content in her space against the MFM General Overseer, Dr Daniel Olukoya.

After the initial searchlight brought to her through a writeup by one Tunde Banji, I paid a visit to Maureen’s social media handles (Facebook, YouTube) and her Official TV Channel, GIO Tv. A semantical interpretation of her activities reveals bottled hatred against Dr Olukoya by Maureen in connivance with a mob of MFM haters. However, l was really disappointed by the measly number of followership. More importantly are the comments of visitors to her site, who clearly saw through her charade. Many issued curses on her while others appropriately prayed for her repentance to avoid generational curses.
When a Blogger takes on personalities with millions of followers and gets less than a thousand followers, many of who visit to issue curses on her with just a few supporting her nefarious activities, then such a Blogger is really doomed. Some of the comments include ‘better repent and deliver yourself and generations from generational curses that will follow’. This visitor says, “in blackmailing the MFM G. O, Maureen Badejo is simply attracting the verdict of God in Gen. 12:3 as it concerns those who curse the Lord’s anointed”. Other comments are: “Eleribu Maureen Marine spirit. You no fit sleep again…This satanic work you have been commissioned to do, let’s see where it will take you”.
“This woman I pity you, litigations from different parts of the world. Olukoya has no time for you, am sure he is praying for you…but for tarnishing his image…you will be brought to book”. Another prayed for her to have an early retreat to avoid the anger of God.

With the furore generated against her targeted subjects, one would have expected a massive trend of traffic. Most people are simply concerned about the level of decadence of her content. In fact, many petitions are already being galvanized against her works towards the appropriate authorities to sanction her excesses. One of the petitions is about a possible infringement of the child protection regulations of The UK. A number of her obnoxious video contents have been pulled down on Facebook, due to the abusive nature. One platform has indeed suspended her radio account named GIO Tv, which she blamed on Dr Olukoya rather than her flagrant infringement of the stipulated terms and conditions relating to inappropriate use of the platform to falsely malign the character of others.

Interestingly, a fellow Facebook Blogger, Victor King Initiatives, who has been quite conversant with Maureen’s antecedents devoted an appreciable depth of content in debunking her nefarious activities. In fact, he devoted so many episodes to countering and debunking her content, methods, lack of professionalism, lack of integrity, busy-body disposition, etc. One particular episode dedicated to exposing her madness, was captioned as ‘Maureen, a Satanic Agent from Lucifer himself!’ The episode was well received by more than seven thousand strong followership, compared to Maureen’s four hundred. Comments on that expose include: ‘Please educate Maureen more. She believes in what they tell her and read on website. May God have mercy on this woman’

A fellow blogger, Autobola equally has a very bad impression about Maureen Badejo and her GIO TV. She has very stern advice for Maureen regarding her onslaughts against the highly revered cleric and champion of youth development in Nigeria, Dr D.K. Olukoya. Autobola asked her to quickly desist from her blackmail project before she incurs the wrath of God not only for herself but for her generations. Another comment went thus: “It’s not good to be wretched. Just hear her repeating 35k Dollars!”

The multitude of her condemnation should have brought a normal human being back to her senses, except she is actually a dedicated and covenanted agent of darkness!

My advice to Dr Olukoya and other leaders is that they need to take legal action against Maureen Badejo’s pull-him-down ministry, before it festers like an untreated ulcer. The recent case of Daddy Freeze is instructive. Christians will not always turn the other cheek! The awakening of the Army of The Lord to the fact that they are in a time of existential warfare and the need to ‘contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints’ is pertinent. The world is fast approaching the time of recompense and vengeance of the Lord.
People should realize that Christianity is a way of life in 360 degrees. The ministry of the Prophet of the Most-High God includes building up as well as routing down! Christians must begin to assert their authority in a manner that deters blackmailers and other selfish individuals from taking undue advantage.

Chisom Orji wrote from Awka, Anambra State

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