WORLD SIGHT DAY, 2020…EYE HEALTH, the call for action is ‘Hope In Sight !


According to information provided by the Nigeria Optometric Association,About 2.2 billion people globally are either blind or visually impaired.

More than 50% of this Population need glasses to see,yet More than 75% of Visual problems are avoidable.

The Association is therefore calling on Nigerians to take responsibility for their eye care by regularly visiting their Optometrists for Check up.

The theme of World Sight Day (WSD) 2020 is UNIVERSAL EYE HEALTH, the call for action is ‘Hope In Sight !

***NATIONAL CATCH PHRASE: Eye care in COVID-19 Pandemic.

In this year’s Celebration optometrists in Nigeria are also focusing action on raising public awareness on Eye care in COVID-19 pandemic as a major public health issue.

They reminded Nigerians that COVID-19 pandemic is real,stressing the need for the public to Obey all public health control measures and guidelines.

***Note The Caution Given Below about how one contact the virus

You can contact COVID-19 through your eyes therefore DO

NOT touch your eyes or face

with unwashed hands.
Use a clean face shield in addition to a clean and properly worn face mask when in public places.
Do not share your eyeglasses, face mask or face shield with another person. Report any form of REDNESS OF THE EYES to the nearest Eye clinic to you.
Covid-19 should not stop you from seeking eye care as your eye doctor has put safety measures in place.
Do not patronize quacks for your eye care, see your optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Let’s join hands together to eliminate avoidable blindness by checking our eyes regularly.

***COVID-19 is not a death sentence

therefore do not be afraid to get tested.

World Sight Day (WSD) is an international day of awareness on avoidable blindness and visual impairment held annually on the second Thursday of October which is on the 8 October 2020.

Dr. Emmanuel Okoye

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