Writer Joe C. Anatune

Publisher DANIELS. G.O


To realise and enjoy the full benefits of Governor Willie Obiano’s legacy projects that seek to make Anambra a proud member of the global economy, Anambra needs a thinker and doer who thinks global and acts local. Anambra needs Cee Cee Soludo, a man who has a knack for spurning development. We shall return to this shortly.

I have always observed with sublime satisfaction, the exhilarating mien of APGA members whenever they sing the party’s anthem. The feelings are intoxicatingly deep and the atmosphere, so to say, thrilling. True, APGA represents more than a vehicle to wrestle the machinery of government. It is, in my well considered opinion, a mass movement of a people totally committed to improving the quality of their lives. It is made in Anambra for Nigeria and it is living up to its billings.

The stellar performance of the party in food security and upscaling healthcare delivery services, education, among others, has endeared it to the good people of Anambra State.

APGA, through the current government, is raising the bar. Imagine that sooner than later, Anambra will be in pole position to host international sports tournaments. Close your eyes and visualize the prospect of hosting an event in Anambra International Conference Centre, such as musical concerts or other such high octane events. Begin to see brands made in Anambra in line with global standards, leaving the state through the International Cargo and Passenger Airport to compete for market share in different segments and categories of the highly lucrative global market. This is the foundation Obiano is laying, which many cannot put a finger on. These are, seriously speaking, the precursors to Anambra without petrodollars.

Lest we forget, PDP was in the same saddle for four woeful, uneventful years. Now that Anambra has become the reference point for good governance, all manner of political parties are angling to takeover, with their eyes fixated only on the pie. They are throwing mud and regaling in mischievous propaganda. Unfortunately for them, Anambra has gone beyond such puerile antics. They appreciate that APGA and Obiano know how to bake the cake, something the others don’t seem to have a grasp of, and they are poised to ensure that they are not taken back.

Now, APGA and indeed Ndi Anambra are in the process of making an important Choice for continuity and consolidation, as Obiano’s watch grinds to a glorious finish, in order to birth the next administration.

In this regard, it is clear that the good people of Anambra have since made their choice. Soludo is the man, the choice and the Solution. APGA has felt the pulse of the people and are asking Soludo to go win for them. He is ready and on the prowl, winning hearts and blowing across like a hurricane.

Apart from the fact that Soludo is the most popular and competent politician today in Anambra, he has the knack to continue crystallising the beauty of Anambra State. He is not coming to experiment. He will go full blast from day one. His track records eloquently speak for him.

So, how do we ensure that this beautiful story flips to the next page? Go out there on June 23 and November 6, 2021 and do the needful.

*Joe C. Anatuneb*
*Anatune writes from Awa*

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