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While other aspirants are in the media circuits dishing out propaganda and employing the services of dishonourable interlopers to disparage and throw mud, Cee Cee Soludo has chosen to remain with his party faithfuls and the good people of Anambra.

Nothing less is expected of a man of international stature, and one who holds a prestigious national honour from his country. He lives with the tenet that democracy is government of the people for the people and by the people. So Soludo would rather interface with the people. This is handsomely paying off with a deluge of endorsements for his candidature.

In Ezira, the who is who in Orumba South gathered in large numbers and endorsed him for Governorship in an atmosphere that can only be described as joyful.

The May 15, 2021 Ezira event was one in a series of interactive sessions Soludo has been having with APGA members and different segments of Ndi Anambra. In the colourful ambience of the country home of the amiable and confidence-inspiring House Member, Hon. Emmanuel Nwafor (Ntu Japan), with the ubiquitous display of Udo na Oganiru flag, speaker after speaker underscored why Soludo is the choice of the party and Ndi Anambra for the next Governor of the State.

One salient point was particularly emphasised by the party’s Vice Chairman South, Benneth Ibe; that the party has ways it has been conducting its affairs like any other organisation. Whether codified or not, this organisational culture, norms and values have determined the political success of its members. Former Deputy Governor, Mr. Emeka Sibeudu and the host, attested to this, with fiery speeches in support of Soludo. The underlying signal is that the party in its wisdom, has zoned its governorship ticket for the fast approaching election to Old Aguata and their choice is Cee Cee Soludo, who they believe has the stature and state-wide appeal to win the November 6, 2021 Governorship Election for them.

Youthful, energetic, sagacious and highly engaging, Hon Chinedu Obidigwe, who stormed the venue with his colourful band, emphasised the same point. He further made a point earlier postulated by the ever fresh fine boy, Hon. Ben Nwankwo, that Old Aguata should unite to see the project through. Obidigwe challenged Old Aguata to take up the gauntlet and deliver their outstanding son as Governor.

Soludo, who received Ntu Japan’s flag of Udo na Oganiru, poured encomiums to the host and guests for considering him worthy for the office. He assured and demonstrated that he appreciates their development challenges and opportunities, promising that he will wipe away their tears when he becomes Governor.

With the endorsement by Orumba South on the heels of an earlier one by Orumba North, the sounds of victory for Soludo in the June 2021 APGA primaries are resonating across the State.

*Joe C. Anatune*
*Anatune writes from Awa*

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