Chief Emeka Nwolisah
Writes from Nnewi, Nnewi North



Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji? I laugh when in months past some political jobbers in their wildest dreams and permutations were placing him as the favorite man to clinch the party’s ticket for the November gubernatorial election. For their minds, they’ve permutated correctly how Rt. Hon. Umeoji will defeat all other aspirants mercilessly in their party’s primay slated to hold on July 23rd.

Who knows, one babalawo somewhere in Kenya might have assured the Legislator of defeating others then moving next to clinching the main election slated to hold on November 6, later this year. The man Hon. Umeoji must have concluded series of political appointments he shall be sharing to his political croonies and friends of Zenith Banks. No blame should be accorded to the Nigeria’s media space that has made every active politician equal. If not, I would have ask, why compare light and darkeness? The same man currently involved in weak, dumb and low energy political campaigns, specialized in hiring some self acclaimed online activists to troll on fellow party aspirants now sees himself as favorite to succeed the incumbent, governor Obiano and after employing tactics of opposition in his very own party.

Someone close to the opposition’s favorite candidate, should remind him not to wail like a wolf when primaries might have been concluded in June because APGA as a party won’t refund any reckless fund spent. He should be advised to cancel his low energy campaigns since he’s not able to introduce creativity, inject new ideas except supervising coordinated media attacks on his party and perceived superior contestants. I heard he has negotiated with one Senator who is also November candidate on possible way of replacing him in the Red Chamber should incase the former wins and I also heard he has negotiated his way to Labour Party -LP should incase he fails to secure the party’s ticket to contest main election, which he knows he won’t clinch. In a sane clime, politicians like Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji shouldn’t be taken serious in affairs that concerns issues of public interest.

Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji has said he is the favorite to succeed the incumbent, yet same man couldn’t attract a single party’s major stakeholders to himself. His campaign structure remain the weakest in the forthcoming election and still, he sees himself as Anambra choice. No wonder, opposition groups prefers him to anyone else, he should be told in plain term or any language he understands better that Anambra 2021 isn’t for puppies.

This low energy politician, who has been on dumb and weak campaigns throughout the year should know that his antics and blackmail of the party can never sway the choice of the party delegates. Good news, I believed by now, party delegates must have made up their minds on their prefered candidate and absolutely not Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji. Cheers, it’s another Saturday for weddings!

Chief Emeka Nwolisah
Writes from Nnewi, Nnewi North

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