Writer Joe C. Anatune*



The future is bright for APGA, with a constellation of young, upwardly mobile, wealthy, well educated, well exposed and politically conscious young men and women who will lead the party to greater heights in years to come.

We cherish to befittingly call them the APGA Young Turks. We have followed and watched them, and ascertained a common trait in them – they are all fiercely Soludo Apostles. They are putting their necks on the line to see that Soludo emerges the APGA flag bearer and more importantly, wins the November 6, 2021 governorship election to take Anambra from glory to glory in the well acknowledged and acclaimed APGA tradition.

Beyond winning, they are challenging each other on who will pull the highest votes from their zones. You need to see them to get a feel of the enormous energies they bring to bear in the Soludo consultation train.

Their commitments are deep. They are not sparing their time, talents and resources in furtherance of the foregoing. They are ready and willing to go uphill or down valley to achieve their goal. They are the bridge between today and tomorrow and between the young and old.

We are sure this will be an elixir to former APGA National Chairman, Senator Victor Umeh, who on May 23, in Enugwu-Ukwu, bemoaned the rascality of some young but misled APGA members on the social media. Umeh, who is both the conscience and institutional memory of the party, should be rest assured that with the APGA Young Turks, the party is building a solid successor generation. But what are the pulls?

They are all united by the stark reality that Cee Cee Soludo is the best material to build on the enviable achievements of Governor Willie Obiano. One of them often refers to it alluringly as ”consolidation for continuity.” With reference to where Anambra is today, the next big thing is that Anambra should go to the world and the world should come to the most livable, safest, most prosperous and happiest place in Africa, which is the Anambra that Soludo envisions. The final outcome is that Anambra State will become a one-city-state like Lagos, but a much better version.

Third and very important, is that APGA should be the vehicle through which Ndigbo will negotiate what comes to them in Nigeria. It will be unthinkable to allow the party to die and put Ndigbo in a position of playing second fiddle as obtains today in the other parties where decisions as to who flies the flag of the parties are made outside Anambra as opposed to the situation in APGA, where Ndi Anambra truly decide.

As we go from one local government to another, we see these upwardly mobile and suave politicians with rich content, great gifts of the gab and mesmerizing soapbox mien, we see a new horizon for a great future.

It is indeed, comfortable to also note that they are patient to learn and work with one of Anambra’s global icons, Cee Cee, to berth our Promised Land, where the world can happily come to live, invest and enjoy.

*Joe C. Anatune*
*Anatune writes from Awa*

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