By Ugonna Onwueme

When a dog begins to wag its tail uncontrollably – even to the point of threatening its master – then you know that the aroma of its prey has gotten deep into the olfactory lobes of its brain. And so, for our sister Adaora Umeoji who is reported to have boasted in several quarters to use her position in Zenith Bank and buy all the political delegates for Anambra 2021, the toga of answering “Governor’s sister” is undoubtedly waterlogging her head.

But must she carry it to the point of throwing caution to the wind and using everything within her disposal in her Zenith Bank to push the gubernatorial bid of her brother, Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji?

Yes, “her Zenith Bank”! But the people wouldn’t have minded if it were not also “their Zenith Bank”. Of course, Zenith wouldn’t have been thick if not for the depositors’ fund with which the bank is expected to apply all professional practices to build profit for her shareholders.

Sister Adaora’s desperation in applying overdrive to promote her brother’s political ambition at all costs – even at the risk of depositors’ fund – seems to beat that of Herodias in the Bible who would not mind the head of John the Baptist at the very opportunity of “ask anything you wish” from the king.

We hear M/s Adaora enjoys unlimited privileges at Zenith Bank as a Deputy Managing Director. Ndi Anambra would have been very happy for her on this uncommon favour if only she has been using it to attract loans and other financial benefits to them. But to use it to buy all party delegate votes, as she was quoted to have boasted, is to us like asking for the head of John the Baptist.

Perhaps, someone should tell Sister Adaora that Ndi Anambra have for over two years been warming up to have their most preferred son – Prof Chukwuma Soludo – as the successor of Chief Dr Willie Obiano, and they are still anxiously waiting for his emergence. To use her position to “purchase”. a governor for Ndi Anambra is what the people cannot accept. Besides, they do not need to have a doctorate degree in economics to know that using depositors’ fund in Zenith Bank amounts to preparing a requiem for the bank where many of us have a stake.

Finally, every sane Anambra man knows that Sister Adaora’s desperation is exposing the state to double tragedy. Ndi Anambra would vehemently resist this.

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