Jackson Onwumere
Writes from Awka



By attempting to tear apart the leadership of APGA for failing to put forth their stooge as the party’s flagbearer, Adaora Umeoji and Zenith Bank plc are piercing the heart of Ndigbo. It is still early in the day for them to retrace their steps or bear the full wrath of anger of Ndigbo. We will shortly get back to this.

In their ill conceived plan to instal a low energy candidate as the next governor of Anambra state, they errorously thought that with money, everything is possible. It does not matter whether the money in question are those of the depositors. They were blinded in their pursuit of vendetta or unbridled business expansionism that they are dealing with the state that gave Nigeria nay the world some of the finest brains.

When they sadly discovered that they were making little progress, they added in their tactics, propaganda, character assassinations, mudslinging and subterfuge. They viciously employed both frontal and flanking approaches to demarket the frontline aspirant and people’s choice, Cee Cee Soludo, with a view to stopping his Governorship bid and accentuating that of their low energy aspirant. They failed because the party and the people said no to their spurious lies.

Unfortunately, for them, an eagle eyed APGA screening Committee saw through their evil plans, asked them to go repent, sin no more and be loyal and faithful party people if they truly have the interests of the party at heart . This homily did not go down well with Zenith nor Adaora who goes about with a chip on her back as if she is the first Onye Anambra to have occupied the position of deputy managing director of a bank.

Now they are sinking their teeth into the soul and heart of the Ndigbo- APGA. They are now literally speaking, holding the tiger by the tail. This will consume them and all they have laboured for and accumulated over the years by manipulating the system to their advantage. This will also be injurious to their media, AIT, who has become a willing tool in their ill planned efforts to destroy APGA.

APGA is the third largest party in Nigeria and for the majority of Ndigbo is the vehicle to negotiate the Igbo future in the Nigeria Federation. Ndigbo are rationally and emotionally connected to the party and will go to any length to protect it from external aggressions.

This is one truism that Adaora Umeoji and Zenith Bank may not have taken into account in their unholy war now fully directed at the hearts and souls of Ndigbo.

Dr Victor Oye is a good man whose leadership is applauded by the rank and file of the party. Zenith and Adaora Umeoji should either forget about banking and fully join the murky waters of politics and stop this proxy political battle which will hurt them so badly. They should know that “Anambra no be Akwa Ibom”

Jackson Onwumere
Writes from Awka

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