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Today is the D day. Cee Cee Soludo is preferred by an overwhelming majority of Ndi Anambra as their next Governor because he is ready, able and willing to take on the job, hit the ground running and build on the achievements of his predecessors for his often talked about livable one state Anambra city that will attract the world to come, invest, live, work and enjoy in Anambra.

Soludo is also the most qualified and prepared. He is, from empirical studies, the most popular of all the aspirants in the race across party line. He has amply demonstrated his preparedness by the volume of consultantions he has been making in the run up to the primaries. He has interfaced with the rank and file of the party more than any other aspirants. He said he would not take the trust and support of the people for granted. But the question is, why does an overwhelming majority of Ndi Anambra prefer Soludo?

We have in our previous interventions dealt with those: global and national acclaim, a thinker and doer, a household name, accessibility, thinks global but acts local, a caring heart, a gentleman in a hurry for positive changes and more. These soft attributes plus his admirable records of achievements underscore why Ndi Anambra are demanding for his leadership.

The acid test for the clamour begins June 23, 2021 when APGA Delegates decide who will fly their flag for November 6 Governorship election which Soludo will slug out with three others. Across the length and breath of the state Ndi Anambra are waiting anxiously for the good news. We too can’t wait.

As we come to the close of these series, we thank our readers for their followership . We hope it has worth your while dissecting the workings of the inner mind of your next leader.

Please be of good cheer.

*Joe C. Anatune*
Anatune writes Awa.

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