Joe C. Anatune
Writes from Awa.


While majority of APC governorship aspirants for the forthcoming Anambra election are worried stiff about the figures allegedly allocated to them, we have other concerns that are fundamental.

In the first instance, where and when did APC amass this huge number of membership in Anambra state? Does the figure signpost or is a precusor to a possible electoral manipulation as we inch towards November 6?

It is critical that Governor Dapo Abiodun, governor of Ogun State who superintended the conduct of the primaries explain to Ndi Anambra how he came across the figures or who gave it to him? This is important especially now that Ndi Anambra have started reading negative meanings to the figure against the antecents of the key actors currently playing central roles in the party.

Further, we assume that the allotted figures represent the members that turned out for the exercise which ordinarily maybe lower than the actual membership figure. We need to know the actual and verifiable membership of APC in Anambra state and what percentage of the actual, the turnout represents.

This also applies to the other big parties such as APGA, PDP and YPP as it has become important to forstal the use of spurious figures to write election results and deny the voters their popular wishes.

As the regulatory body in charge, INEC should step in and verify the veiled claims of doubtful numbers that deify past evidences and recent trends.

For this election, all efforts must be made to allow the wishes of the voters reign.

Be of good cheer.

Joe C. Anatune
Writes from Awa.

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