Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.

Publisher: DANIELS G. O


Yes, Soludo is the People’s Choice. The fundamental factor why Cee Cee Soludo has morphed into Hurricane Soludo is the emotional connect his brand enjoys among Anambra voters.
It is at subliminal level and it is based on Trust.

Yes Soludo has shown that he can be trusted to do what he says or say what he can do.
When the world was hit by the worst financial crisis, Soludo assured that Nigeria was immune.
True to his words, Nigeria was truly immune. After midwiving the big, reliable and strong banks from some rickety banks, he again assured Nigerians that the days of bank failures and loss of deposits therefrom were over. It has been so ever since he gave that assurance.

When he told a galaxy of Ndi Anambra that Anambra was not ”broken”, it turned out so, as Anambra began to experience the Obiano wonders. Yes, the legacy projects of international Cargo airport, International Conference Centre, Awka Township Stadium and more.

It is trust that has made more than 30 support groups to be in the vanguard of the stringent calls for him to join the race for the Anambra 2021 Governorship election. The beauty of it all is that these support groups are indeed what the name suggests: support group. They are putting everything into the project – their time, their talents and their treasure to ensure the venture or project comes through. This is a shift in paradigm from what is obtained in the sector where candidates more or less fund the support groups.

The massive Goodwill emanating from the unprecedented works of the support groups; individuals, rich and poor are doing all over the place doing within their powers to see the project come to fruition is fascinating.

Some days ago I countered a rather unusual one man Soludo support- EKENE NWAFOR .
Ekene Nwafor hails from Ndikelionwu. He plies his Keke business between the Ekwulobia, Isuofia and Igboukwu axis. He is an ardent apostle of Soludo and never tires of regaling his passengers about Soludo’ s achievements and what his Governorship has in stock for Ndi Anambra. Every Friday he gives free raid to his customers as his widow’s mite of galvanizing support for Soludo.
I took him on charter to Umueze, Isuofia for N1000. On our way he sold Soludo aggressively to me like an insurance salesma, I was in awe. Nwafor stoutly refused to accept my payment when I assured him I am a Soludo apostle like him. We had a big hug and firm handshake and agreed to meet again to continue the evangelism.

Soludo has earned this trust even from fallas like Ekene Nwafor who are ready to go down valley or up hill to see him through as their next Governor. It is beautiful in our eyes.

Be of good cheer.

*Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.

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