*Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.



When I spotted my brother and friend C Don Adinuba in full regalia of the APGA apparel, the day the entire Ihiala local government hosted and endorsed the Governorship ambition of Cee Cee Soludo, I grinned and murmured fantastic.
Fantastic because the pair of made-to-measure apparel hung on his body like a second skin.
And fantastic because no other political party in the state can give you that feeling.

There is something special about the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). It is something you feel but can’t put a finger on. It is deep and at the subconscious. Working for APGA gives you the feeling that you are not working for strangers. You get the elevated feeling you are part of the search and solution of taking your immediate society higher.

Perhaps, this indescribable feeling comes from the marvellous jobs past and present APGA administrations have done in state. They have turned Anambra into one of the leading states in Nigeria. Governor Willie Obiano is opening up the state to the world by constructing the Anambra International Cargo Airport, the International Conference Centre and a township Stadium.

Obiano’ s succession plan is ennobling. Cee Cee Soludo is coming with a lot of possibilities. He says he will take Anambra to the world and the world to Anambra by making it a one State City that is the most livable in Africa. Soludo has a reputation of doing what he says, so you can take this promise to the bank.

Moreover, you have emotional feeling that you are contributing towards building a vehicle for Ndigbo to negotiate their welfare and well-being in the Nigerian federation. It feels like a psychological glorification.

Now, I invite all the people that are enamoured by Soludo’ s Governorship bid to come into this wonderful family because even when there are disagreements, they get resolved through the family channels. You will also experience the Anambra spirit in orderliness ,as things are organised like yours truly did experience first hand as a delegate to the last best organised and nationally applauded primaries in recent times.

Somebody said that APGA is a movement, We agree. It will even be a cooperative society when under Soludo’ s watch. So come and enjoy the exhilaration of being a member of this family by registering in your ward. You be happy you did. It is really a fantastic place to be.

So be of good cheer.

*Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.

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