About Forty-five cases of cholera have been recorded in Pmassi Community in Niger State.

The Commissioner for Health and Hospital Services, Dr. Muhammad Makusidi, confirmed the cases when he led the state Government delegation to visit Pmassi-Shakwata in Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State, where the cholera is being recorded.

The Director of Public Health, Dr. Idris, and a Pathologist, Dr. Patrick Gimba, were among the delegation to find out the possible cause of the outbreak in the community.

Samples have so far been collected for investigations, as part of ways of finding solutions and to curtail further spread.

Out Of the forty-five cholera cases recorded, twenty-five have been referred to a nearby health facility, fourteen persons are still on admission, while five have been discharged, and one death recorded.

The Outbreak has been attributed to poor hygiene.

The Commissioner has developed approach mechanisms to mitigate further spread of the disease,and assured that the affected community members will be given necessary support .

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