*Soludo@61: He Will Make The Governor We Will Be Proud Of*


*Joe C. Anatune*
*Writes from Awa*


*Soludo@61: He Will Make The Governor We Will Be Proud Of*

Despite the normal hiccups associated with the contest for power, Cee Cee Soludo’s ideas and vision have continued to bring friends and foes together in pursuit of an Anambra State that will rank as number one in Africa, in security, prosperity and happiness, building on the achievements of Governor Willie Obiano.

It is on this score that majority of Ndi Anambra believe that he is the ideal person to be the Governor of the State, given the prevailing socio-economic circumstances. He has ample personal endowments, variegated experience and sound exposure, in order to hit the ground running in the post-oil era and in the 4th Industrial Revolution. He also appreciates that our greatness lies in our past and is globally acclaimed as a thinker and an exceptional doer that thinks global and acts local.

Today is Soludo’s birthday. We join his family and friends across the globe to wish him well and celebrate this milestone. We celebrate a life of commitment and devotion to making society better than he met it, which has underpinned all his interventions in his public and private endeavours. Succinctly put, he has put enormous time and resources, thinking and working on breaking or reducing the growing dynasty of poverty in our society.

Okpoko, a sprawling slum at the outskirts of Onitsha, where hundreds of thousands live in squalid conditions is one place, for example, that continues to agitate his mind on how to make the residents live a better life. Repeatedly, he talks about Okpoko and how it will be the yardstick to measure his interventions in improving the standard of living among the populace, when he becomes Governor, by the Grace of God.

Another thing that agitates Soludo’s mind is what many regard as the identity crisis in our culture and values. He however, has a handle on the causes, effects and solutions. He says we can measure it and once it is measured, it can be solved. In virtually every aspect of our lives, the percentage of deviants is insignificant. He assures that our society can redeem itself, given the right leadership – in my words, his leadership.

Overall, Soludo canvasses and rightly too, that quality education is a tool that helps to break the dynasty of poverty. He knows this, having been in that valley himself.

Therefore, since he has worn the shoes of the poor, the middle class and the upper class, he knows where it pinches across board and will bring solutions that will give happiness.

Finally, the promise of SOLUTIONS which propels us is worth fighting for all of us and generations yet to come, as we have no doubt he will make us proud as Governor.

Happy Birthday, Cee Cee Soludo!

Be of good cheer!

*Joe C. Anatune*
*Writes from Awa*

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