Joe Anatune*
Writes from Awa.


August, 29, 2021. Orumba,(Orumba North and South) leaders from the business and corporate sectors, academia, community, traditional and political fields converged in Hon Ben Nwankwo’ s Akpu country home to share ideas on how to develop Green Orumba with Cee Cee Soludo, APGA Governorship flag bearer. Orumba indeed is one of the virgin and hugely untapped areas in the state where the beauty of nature still stares you in the face everywhere you go. If in doubt, take ride along the Ogboji, Ndiokpaleke, Akpu and Ajalli road

They came united in their resolve that Soludo as next governor is the next big thing in Anambra and are committed to make it happen. Of course, Soludo did not disappoint them.

While agreeing with speaker after speaker that Green Orumba needs access roads to fully tap its potentials, he assured the enthusiastic audience that his village upbringing as Charlie Nwamgbafor who struggled through life to become what he is today places him in better position to work with the audience as Governor to leapfrog Orumba to a livable, secure, prosperous and happy society based on its peculiarities and along minimum standards for public and private infrastructural developments . He provoked the thoughts of the emeninent personalities present on how best to drive human traffic across the globe to the area on account of its potentials for tourism, agriculture and industry. This, he canvassed is the way to ensure that children of Orumba and Anambra can live, work and find fulfillment in Orumba without the lure of looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

In furtherance of the foregoing, Soludo made it imperative that as matter of fact, his Government will need Orumba more than Orumba will need it to drive its development agenda which will be unveiled fully soon.

Fiery soapbox speeches and echoes of victory songs came from the host, political leaders, town union presidents and traditional rulers who prayed for God’s guidance for Soludo and the project shortly after the vote of thanks by Chief Mrs Ifeoma Ekwueme. It was agreed that consolidating on the tripod of the Old Aguata will help build from our past and seal electoral victory.

Charlie Nwamgbafor for clarity is the village and childhood name of Prof Charles Soludo coined from his name and that of his mother- Mgbafor. He was born without silver spoon. He overcame the vicissitudes of life to become a global iconic.

His grass to grace story inspires. He wants to be your governor to lift you wherever you are in the station of life to the next stage or more.

You owe him your vote come November 6, 2021. And for sure, he will deliver because he knows where it pinches. He has done it before and will hit the ground running.

Be of good cheer.

*Joe Anatune*
Writes from Awa.

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