Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa


They want to conquer Anambra State by hook or crook and then misrule. They are of the opinion that Igboland must be under their control for reasons best known to them, and that forcefully taking over the machinery of governance in Anambra is a major, significant step.

The others are mouthing the benefits of being at the centre as if States that are at the so called centre with huge arrears of staff salaries and emoluments are better than Anambra where workers constantly smile home with their pay package at end of every month. The “me too” or “also ran” are nibbling with incoherent jabs at the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) led Anambra state government. They all see the APGA Flag bearer, Cee Cee Soludo as the stumbling block between them and the Government house.

Curiously, none factors the good people of Anambra into their permutation. What counts to them, are federal might, denigration of the remarkable achievements of Governor Willie Obiano, stopping Soludo or changing the narrative about his stellar track record.

It does not matter to them that Obiano’s legacy projects in the face of dwindling revenue are making Ndi Anambra exceptionally proud wherever they are around the globe. The ‘Light Up Anambra’ project and the security infrastructure have boosted the economy in addition to the massive inputs in agriculture which outputs are adding value to industries and the value chain. Ndi Anambra are not less enamoured by Anambra’s leading position in education and the fight against disease and other daunting challenges.

Now, while Soludo, his Apostles and APGA continue to reach out to Ndi Anambra in the 179 towns in the State, marketing his ‘One State, One Megacity’ agenda that will be holistically developed, we are yet to hear a whimper from the desperados who believe that power comes by force or from the courts. They are reaching out to lawyers (lucky professionals) and give no hoot about the people. Unfortunately for them, Ndi Anambra see their plan as a pipe dream, delusional diversionary thoughts and a pie in the sky.

Soludo’s message is simple and fundamental; let us make Anambra livable and secure, then the world will come here to invest, live and relax and we shall prosper and be happy in the process.

Soludo has been knocking on doors with his game changing message and hearts are rapidly opening. He seeks to win with the people and happily, he is the people’s choice for November 6, 2021 poll. For the love of Anambra, we all have a date with history on November 6, but remember to arm yourself with your voter’s card, so we shall keep winning with APGA…and with SOLUDO, CHARLIE NWAMGBAFOR.

Be of good cheer.

*Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa

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