*Joe C. Anatune*
Anatune writes from Awa


Let me shoot straight from the hip. Like him or hate him, Soludo is the most preferred and popular politician in Anambra today if truth must be told. Forget about those who spew their closeness to the grassroots or federal might as sobriquet to gain undue and unearned advantages when their actions have never impacted on the masses.

The membership of the Soludo Brand Community (SBC) cuts across all demographics; men, women, boys, girls, artisans, professionals, traders, farmers, etc. They are united by an Anambra that will be profitable to invest in, conducive and safe to live in, attractive to work in, gainful to learn in and exciting to relax or enjoy in.

The underlying factors that propel the rapid expansion of the SBC are not far-fetched. One: We are living in difficult times. This is no time for a learner on the job. The handouts from Abuja are getting smaller and smaller. To make progress, we need somebody with disruptive ideas. Two: It is imperative that we consolidate on the stellar achievements of APGA governments in the State. We can’t go back to Egypt. Three: We need somebody with the appeal or name that can galvanize Ndi Anambra to invest massively in our homeland. Four: Soludo is known by the profundities of his ideas for development. Five: He is not going to begin learning on the job as he has the experience to hit the ground running from day one.

Soludo is one of the most sought-after prodigious thinkers and exceptional doers of our time. He has local, national and international clout to pull strings for the State and for our people. He has done great things in similar, very tough circumstances for the world and Nigeria, so his records speak eloquently for him.

This is his time, a time when his person and ideas are most relevant. These explain why people are making enormous sacrifices of their time, their talents and their treasures to ensure he becomes their next Governor.

And as the Chief Marketing Officer of the Anambra destination branding as Governor, he will galvanize our people to transform our State to a more livable and more prosperous homeland.

Be of good cheer!!

*Joe C. Anatune*
Anatune writes from Awa

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