Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Lagos.

16/10 /21

MCK Ubah, Igboukwu born Lawyer, writer and development enthusiast believes that if well implemented, the Soludo’s People’s Manifesto for a Greater Anambra will crystallise the beauty of Anambra State. MCK and more 5000 Ndi Anambra who thronged the Amuwo Odofin Villa Park Venue of the interactive session venue were in flurries of joy and excitement as Cee Cee Soludo discussed the Anambra he envisions in the post oil and covid 19 4th industrial revolution era. It was a session punctuated by loud ovations as the APGA Flag bearer took the audience made up of different demographics through the four pillars of his manifesto.

First he informed them of the need for Ndi Anambra as an itinerant tribe to have a livable and prosperous homeland they can happily return to if they are persecuted anywhere in the world. The respect they are accorded by their host communities inherently derives from the knowledge that their homeland is Livable and prosperous. While acknowledging the current demographic distortion, Soludo informed the audience that he will work for the next Anambra where a child born in Anambra can learn happily in Anambra, live happily in Anambra, work happily in Anambra, invest happily in Anambra and enjoy happily in Anambra without the lure of Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja.

Of course to bring these to fruition, he acknowledged the need for a coalition of the willing and able assuring that everyone is invited. He urged the importers to explore the possibility of manufacturing their imported products in Anambra state under a quality culture that will excite the world to buy where he is committed to be the chief marketing officer. He mentioned that his government will assist the trading community incorporate e- commerce into their current brick and mortar trading model while at same time revamp the apprentice system.

He had earlier taken them through the existential threats of our environment by erosions and flooding which will demand urgent action by his government for remediation and restoration.

The flood of questions and suggestions after his presentation were affirmation that Ndi Anambra in Lagos are seeing new possibilities and frontiers. Many like MCK are motivated and poised to be part of this game changing process as they prepare their bags and baggage to join their folks back home to usher in the next big thing in Africa- the Anambra smart Megacity.

Be of good cheer!

*Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Lagos.

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