05/ 11/21

*Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa


In two days’ time, Ndi Anambra will make history for changing the political category paradigm. They have in the past two years, been clamouring for a leadership that will make the State livable and prosperous, which will in the final analysis, usher in happiness to the greatest number. Long before the political parties started the process of recruiting their flag bearers, over 35 self- funded support groups across the globe ferociously demanded that Cee Cee Soludo joins the contest for Anambra governorship, which is two days away.

Soludo’s economic transformation agenda is anchored on the Anambra Quality Standards, which seeks to ensure that goods and services from Anambra State are preferred by Ndi Anambra and other consumers across the globe. The immediate target market will be the African market. Soludo will be the Chief Marketing Officer. An education system that will produce competent workers and versatile entrepreneurs at home and exportable skills abroad will support the Anambra Standards Agenda. Therefore, children born in Anambra will have no lure to seek greener pastures elsewhere as Anambra will be very attractive as a place to live happily, learn happily, work happily, invest happily and enjoy happily for them and the world.
Anambra will become the next centre and preferred destination for those seeking gainful employment and profitable businesses.

These are doable because Soludo has done it before. He created 12. 8 million jobs as Economic Adviser to President Obasanjo, helped Nigeria secure debt relief, created the modern and reliable banks whose services we enjoy today, created the African Finance Corporation, which funded development projects across Africa and he led Anambra egg heads that envisioned how Anambra will be in the next fifty years.

Soludo is a grower of the economy especially during difficult times like this, when oil revenues is dwindling and nations and sub-nations are battling to pull back from the ravages of Covid-19.

Obviously, Soludo will bring prosperity and happiness and no Imo Wayo will stop Ndi Anambra from having their heart’s desire. So Go out there and vote for APGA and Soludo this Saturday.

Be of good cheer!

*Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa

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