*Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa


Governor-Elect Cee Cee Soludo has shown by the galaxy of accomplished men and women in the Transition Committee that he desires Anambra not only to be the light of the nation but also the enemy of the ordinary. There is joy everywhere you go in the state.

He has further demonstrated that he is at home working with the best and brightest. Like the great Andrew Carnegie, Soludo is comfortable in his skin putting in his service for the best interest of the state, with men and women as good as himself or better in their various areas of competencies. The list seeks to exploit the beauty of diversity which brings new ideas and experiences for better problem solving. Ultimately, Anambra will be better for it and today, Ndi Anambra are applauding.

The Lagos many of us cherish has been in the forefront of harnessing talents particularly from the south west states. There are countless of people serving at national and international levels who cut their teeth in public service in Lagos State. Like a good football club that sources talents across the globe, Lagos State has continued to soar. Ben Akabueze for instance, is from Anambra State but Lagos State gave him the platform to launch into the federal assignment he is currently engaged in.

Now, we must not be held hostage by the past, when technology has unleashed split-second disruptions in the present. Recruiting talents from other south east states to join some of our best hands to work out a seamless transition from the current administration to the incoming one is a breath of fresh air and most commendable. Truth is that fruitful changes happen when we thread different paths as may be dictated by both the local and global contexts and trends. The post-oil economy and the 4th industrial revolution offer different challenges and demand fresh solutions.

Yes, the morning tells the day. The composition of the committee signals the commitment Soludo attaches to the collective resolve of Ndi Anambra to transform the state to a one state Megacity that is Livable and prosperous and inhabited by healthier and happier citizens.

That is why he was the People’s Choice and was overwhelmingly voted for by the people . He is about to set sail with a crack team of wise men and women to enthrone global best practices in governance in Anambra State, in order to take the State higher and higher.

Be of good cheer!!

*Joe C. Anatune*
Writes from Awa

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