Nurturing The Men And Women That Will Build And Sustain The Anambra One State Liveable Megacity.*


Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.


*Nurturing The Men And Women That Will Build And Sustain The Anambra One State Liveable Megacity.*

My good friend and late Yerima of Auchi, Prince Tony Momoh, never ceased to counsel that in building great cities, it is always better to first build the men and women who will sustain it. From March 17, 2022 when Governor Elect Cee Cee Soludo will be sworn in, Anambra will commence the journey to a Livable Megacity. This will not be a hundred-metre dash but the benefits of birthing a prosperous, heathier and happier society outweigh the grind. In “The Soludo Solution: A People’s Manifesto For A Greater Anambra”, the pathways for nurturing the men and women that will build and sustain the Anambra liveable Megacity are well summarised. But let’s digress.

The annual Christmas and New Year celebrations and their attendant dire straits on our existing infrastructure underpin the imperative of this beautiful Soludo’s Liveable Megacity vision. You may have come to terms that accessibility and sustainable mobility is one of the five pillars of a liveable city. We all know that vehicular movement in Anambra has become a huge challenge during the Christmas and New Year festivals when our people usually flock home from every part of the world. The situation gets worse each passing year and something needs to be done to continue harnessing the economics of this home coming.

The foregoing demands that we nurture men and women who can think and work through such challenges and bring happiness to the people. The good news is that Soludo envisions an educational system that will produce world class products that meet the challenges of the post-oil economy and the 4th industrial revolution. In essence, Anambra’s educational system will produce graduates fit for the world. The critical success factor is the teacher who will be trained, retrained certificated and empowered to be in tune with latest local and international trends in the sector. Of course, there will be a rigorous quality assurance of the system to ensure that standards are maintained. While infrastructure in government owned school will be upgraded, curricula at all levels will be reviewed to provide functional education for the digital age with the objective of developing graduates that are problem solvers in addition to imbuing them with ICT and coding skills, Al, Robotics etc.

There is no gain -saying that Anambra’s greatest asset is its human resource. Fortunately the Governor Elect is well positioned to make the best of this resource being a teacher himself. This is one area the Transition Committee should pay serious attention to as it is foundational to other things.

It is well with Anambra.
Be of good cheer!

*Joe C Anatune*
Writes from Awa.

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