2022 WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY…Members Of Nigerian Dental Association Worry About Brain drain & Patronage Of Quacks For Teeth Whitening



WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 2022 ” Be Proud Of Your Mouth”

Poor Oral Health According to figures presented by the President Nigerian Dental Association ,Dr Kola Obagbemiro at a recent Press Briefing in Lagos State affects nearly three point Five Billion People world wide with far reaching Consequences.

More Disturbing is the fact that, many people do not realize how an unhealthy mouth can have a severe impact on their lives causing significant pain and suffering.

This situation no doubt informed Calls by members of the Nigerian Dental Association to Call for Healthy oral health Habits as Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark the 2022 World Oral Health Day with the Theme ” Be Proud Of Your Mouth ”

President Of the Association Kola Obagbemero Appealed to Nigerians not to wait for Problems to Occur before consulting their Dentists as the mouth is a gate way to the Body through which other Disease Conditions can be picked up Early.

The Vice President of the Association Dr Victor Nwabudike was particular about the need for healthy diet, Regular scaling & Publishing by The Dentists to remove Particles that Brushing twice Daily can not remove.

Dr Victor Advised Nigerian to choose Dental flossing in place of using tooth Pick as it can damage Vital Tissues in the Oral environment.

Past President Of the Nigerian Dental Association Dr Olabode Ijarogbe was Particularly not happy about the brain drain in the sector that incapacitated so many of their Colleagues from meeting some of their Obligations.

He supported the Appeal by the Current President Kola Obagbemero for Government to come up with strategies on retaining highly skilled Professionals And to curb Quackery.

The Dentists frowned at the idea of People patronizing Beauty Saloons for teeth whitening.

“According to the NDA President, Teeth Whitening is a dental procedure that must be done by a professional to avoid complications”

Apart from the Press Briefing of 14th March 2022, a week long activities have been lined up to educate Nigerians on the need for good Oral Habits.

World Oral Health Day is Marked 20th Of March Every Year… The Pre-conference Briefing coincided with the Birthday Day Of the National President.

*** Be Proud Of Your Mouth***

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