Canada Condemn Attack on Ukraine



Canada Condemn Attack on Ukraine

Canada has charged The World to Resist Russian Aggression against Ukraine

This was contained in a press statement released on Thursday in Abuja by the acting high commissioner in Nigeria Kevin Tokar and made available to the Press

The Canadian government in strong terms condemned President Putin’s unjustifiable and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

The commissioner held that Putin has launched the largest military invasion of any European country since World War II and has shattered peace and security in Europe.

The statement also held that Putin has shown a brazen disregard for human life, with his attack resulting in the senseless deaths of innocent people and a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

Tokar noted that This is not just an attack on Ukraine but an attack on international law, including the UN Charter, as well as democracy, freedom, and human rights.

He said The consequences of Russia’s actions will extend well beyond Ukraine’s borders.
In launching this war, Russia is seeking to destroy the freedom of a people and overthrow the democratically elected government of a sovereign nation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stated clearly that President Putin’s military offensive is a severe violation of the UN Charter and has implored President Putin to cease his war on Ukraine.

The statement further held that Russia’s invasion is also having immediate effects on people around the world. For example, the spike in global oil prices caused by this invasion will exacerbate current fuel challenges in Nigeria, while the growing challenges and costs of producing and importing wheat will further drive up the cost of food.

The rising cost of bread and fuel is something that every Nigerian, in every walk of life, will feel.
He therefore urged every world citizen to act immediately with one global voice to condemn President Putin’s aggressive actions And hold the Russian leadership under President Putin’s command to account.

Earlier this month the Governments of Canada and Nigeria, together with 139 other countries at the UN General Assembly on March 2, sent a clear message that President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable and that the world is united against it.

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