Bread Makers In Nigeria To Shut Down Operations Nationwide For Four Days… Details Inside


Daniels G. O


Bread makers in Nigeria Plans to shut down Operations nationwide For four days from 21st July 2022 due to the incessant increase in the prices of baking materials and diesel in the country.

The President Premium Breadmakers Association of Nigeria (PBAN), Emmanuel Onuorah in a press statement Wednesday said in the first instance and where no intervention from the government , the Operators shall escalate the duration of the withdrawal.

Onuorah added that Bakeries are mostly running on huge losses and this is no longer sustainable.

Operators are also Requesting for the Federal Government to stop charging 15% Wheat development levy on wheat import and NAFDAC to review downwards the 154,000 naira penalty charged bakeries on late renewal of certificates.

They want government to Grant members access to grants and soft loans and Stoppage of multi – agencies regulation of the bread making industry.

Bread which is major staple food for Nigerians in the past few months has continued to go out of the reach of the common Man Due to High Cost of Production

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