Enhancing Oxygen System, Bauchi Get 51 Gas cylinders

Enhancing Oxygen system: Bauchi gets 51 Gas cylinders*

Bauchi state will now enjoy Improved oxygen plant system as Clinton Health access initiative donates Oxygen system equipments, 51 gas cylinders to improve on the insufficient existing oxygen plants in the state.

The representatives of the Clintons Health access initiative in Bauchi Dr Nazif Mohammed, while handing over the items to the Bauchi state Government said this is geared towards supporting Nigeria Government in establishment of data for oxygen programming and planing with the advent effect of COVID-19 pandemic.

Oxygen is one of essential care system in the hospital, most especially with the adverse effect of COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, Health facilities in Nigeria were said to have been exposed due to the lack of oxygen support system.

According to the permanent secretary Bauchi state Ministry of Health, Ali Babayo, the state is faced with the challenges of oxygen plants system.

The donors of the oxygen equipments system emphasises that, since oxygen is key in managing patient in an intensive care the organisation felt developing a system that will sustained oxygen plants in Nigeria health facilities is vital.

The organization Lead inventory team are expected to go across 26 secondary Health facilities in Bauchi state to take oxygen inventory for onward oxygen support system.


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