Ramble Voices By Livy-Elcon Emereonye


Ramble Voices By Livy-Elcon Emereonye

As humans, we are all alike but not the same. However the relationship, and under whatever circumstance, two people can never be the same. This commonality of difference, if well harnessed and appreciated, would bring about and promote unity in diversity otherwise it breeds fear and creates distrust and suspicion.

We are created for each other and one another and should live together for good and our collective advantages but in our togetherness, there might be elements of friction and wrangling that could lead to crises, in fighting, and possibly war. This, if not properly handled, would cause wastage and destruction.

For one reason or the other, some people have found causes to foment troubles. They thrive on mischief, destroying instead of building the world. This too attracts reactions with different voices.

With a kill and bury approach, Olive branches may be placed on red tapes. Playing out well written scripts, cosmetic attention may be given to things just to keep the people busy and divert attention. Amorphous offices may be created but without terms of reference just to deceive the masses. It is contradiction at its best to have a system of all motion without movement but a rape of emotional fecundity to destroy what is under one’s supervision and control. The man will suffer that bites the fingers that feed him. Fear such a character, and at best keep him at arm’s length. There will always be consequences.

To have a harmonious, peaceful life, endeavour to be at peace with Nature. Abhor, and shun, every form of injustice. Be tolerant and broad minded but most importantly endeavour to understand the season and the time to enable you to live within your means and boundaries. Tolerate and accommodate people but never force yourself on anybody or any situation. Know your limit. Be sensitive to your environment and you will not be carried away by ramble voices that deceive and lead the man of power astray.

It is the way of men to outwit others. Even the best of friends or partners work overtly or covertly, knowingly or unknowingly, to outsmart and outshine each other and one another. In doing this, many ploys or strategies would be deployed. Human beings are funny. Our true characters are often hidden especially when we have nothing at stake. In pretence, we can hide our real identities. Thus, the need for caution. Don’t be carried away by the cosmetic appearance meant to achieve a predetermined goal. Don’t be too loose and open to a fault no matter the condition. Preserve your life and hold tight the things you value. Protect your territory from invasion by enemies and friends. Be mindful and careful of the words you speak and use.

People are not who and what they claim to be. Perception may change on a close-up encounter, and things can change with a change of position. Those without a good shock absorber may be taken aback with a rude encounter. There are shameless opportunists who, like vultures, feed on carcasses. Being empty and hungry, they specialize in reaping where they did not sow but often end up like every other common criminal – their sins find them out.

There are people you would encounter and prefer to be alone and lonely. There are ingrates and gold diggers everywhere – and most of them are empty upstairs. They hang around, looking for whom to parasitize.

Whatever the case, anyone who plans to reap where he did not sow, will end up fetching water with a tattered basket, losing the little he had.

Don’t lose sleep when people gang up or gather against you. If your intention is altruistic and your hands are clean, their gathering will be of no effect so they will gather in vain, making the mistake that will advance your cause. The thought of you, and indeed your presence will always torment them.

Being human, you may feel bad when you see your territory being encroached or your work being taken over by meddlesome interlopers and shameless criminals that may come in the form of activists. Those with poverty of ideas will always look for ideas to steal to become relevant. Under disguise, they would want to attach themselves to you to create a scene and got noticed. When you see such, keep a distance. It is pure waste to glorify an idiot.

The world is big enough for everyone to live and do exploits but too big for an individual or group of people to manipulate. We live to die, and when we die, we leave the world and go with nothing so don’t be worried when people gather and device against you, and if they steal your project, dust yourself and come up with something better and bigger. You are better and richer than the one that steal from you. It is poverty that makes people to steal.

Without betrayal certain lessons will never be learned; without encountering pains conscious efforts will never be put in place to guide against a repeat. Some injuries are not only inevitable but necessity that must be courted. Scares will always remind one of the past and guide against a repeat. There is a reason for every encounter, and there is a lesson in every experience.

It is the way of a rational being to feel bad when betrayed, having along the urge to revenge and fight back, but this is not the best approach. Painfully as it may look, learn the lessons and move on. Vengeance is of the Lord. Anyone who steals your property will know no peace. Karma will surely visit. Nature will fight for you so beautify the scare for a memorial.

One of the beauties of scares is that they are good reminders of the past that serve as a guide for both the present and the future. To live to the full we need them. Mistakes make perfect but it pays not to repeat mistakes – costly mistakes. Learn as much as you can from other people’s mistakes but where it is inevitable, make the mistake and learn from your own experience. This is where the hard way becomes the best way. Some mistakes come with ramble voices but handled well, they can make one a better person.

If you are hunting for snake, be ready for eventual soup: if you kill the snake you will eat the snake pepper soup, and if you got beaten by the snake, you will take anti-snake pepper soup! In trying to climb the ladder of life, there may be multiple falls but don’t give up. Learn how best to convert obstacles to opportunities.

The end of a phase marks the beginning of yet another. Whatever the case, every new day is an opportunity to start all over again better, bigger and stronger, if only we have learned the lessons from the past – yesterday. With a teachable heart, the future can only glorious and great.

There are pearls in pains. However, the gains of pains can only be explored and enjoyed when we appreciate who we are and play our roles very well in the society regardless of ramble voices.

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