In the history of Nigeria democracy and Electioneering Campaigns never has there been any like this one characterized by so Much violence, Unrest,Apprehension, Hardship and intrigues being witnessed now, especially with the Current cashless Policy.

In a few days from now,we will be at the polls God Willing.

Given the many events unfolding and different Prophecies by various clerics,it will be stating the obvious that this election is a decisive one for the Peace,Unity, Continuity and Survival of Nigeria and every one of us.

The Political actors have done their own and put strategies in place to get the much desired position of the Presidency.

It is left for the masses to act now.

The Prayer Points below is for everybody Remember that Our God is the God of “All flesh” irrespective of Religious Affiliations,He created all of us.

Every Nigerian has a role to play to save this country and make God’s Preferred Candidate Prevail in all of this drama,so if you truly love this Country which is the only one we have to call our own,then take out five or ten minutes of your time to say the prayers below.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian Muslim Or a Pegan,

Jeremiah 32:27 Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

The solution of Prayers has never failed, except we lack faith,Pray because God watches the affairs of men and Only him sees Our end from our beginning.

More than ever before,we need his help in this election where several leaders have failed us.

It does not matter the candidate you are supporting,pray and the will of God may favour that your candidate.

As Humans,We have our Desires but we are short sighted hence the need to depend on God Almighty through Prayers. Please act now to avert blood shed,To Avert further Crisis and unpleasant events that can consume the masses and innocent ones.

If you fail to do devote a few minutes of your time to do this sure and life saving prayers,it may stand against you if anything goes wrong,yes because our leaders have the means to jet out with their families when crisis erupt ,but the masses do not.

As You take out time to intercede for Nigeria, You will never suffer loss of Any kind.

Any Evil that may Occur as result of the election will pass over you and your family by reason of God’s Mercy.


(1) Mercy Of The Living God Overshadow Nigeria Now By The Power Of The Most High God.

(2) Every Judgement Of The Wicked Over Nigeria, You will Not Prevail, Scatter And Backfire by the Power of the most High God.

(3) Every Wickedness Of The Wicked Taking Place At The Helm Of Affairs In Nigeria expire Now By The Power of the most High God.

(4) Every Innocent Blood That has been shed in Nigeria rise up Against The Wicked Now

(5) Powers And Principalities attacking the glory And Peace Of Nigeria be wasted by the Holy Ghost fire

6) Every Reign Of The Wicked Over Nigeria expire Now

(7) Mercy of the living God Visit the political, Security And Economic Situation Of Nigeria

(8) Every Battle Against Nigeria As A Nation Come To An end.

(9) Almighty God,in this 2023 election choose For Us A Man After Your Own Heart.

(10) Powers And Satanic Forces assigned to cause Confusion, And Crisis During this Election, Almighty God,Give them another assignment that will not give the chance to do evil…

Courtesy, Pastor Lanre Adewoye, MFM Solution Zonal Assembly, Lagos Nigeria


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