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The Presidential Candidate Of The Labour Party Peter Obi has expressed concerns that after 63 Years Of independence, Nigeria can not conduct a credible election.

Peter Obi is currently speaking at News Briefing in Abuja said he will challenge the rascality that characterizes the electoral process for the future of Nigeria

According to him any one who must be called His Excellency must go through an excellent Process

“If you must answer your Excellency, the process that brings you to office must be excellent”… Obi

“We will maximize all legal options to reclaim our mandate; we won the election”…Obi

He urged Supporters to be calm and go out next election to vote for the candidate of their Choice.

“All Obidients Must Remain Calm”…Obi

He noted that the future of Nigeria can not be built except we do the right thing and use the public resources for Public Good .

When asked about the possibility of a Unity Government, If approached by the winning Party,He clearified the fact that he was not against peace or Unity but that the foundation has to be right for meaningful progress

He assured Supporters that he will be available for them and committed to the struggle for a better Nigeria

“Even Though Atiku, Tinubu Are My Elder Brothers, I Have Not Called Tinubu; I Am Challenging The Process”…Obi

“Structure Of Criminality Can’t Go Out Over Night; We Will Fight The Rascality”…Obi

“You Cannot Build Peace On A Faulty Foundation”…Obi

The press conference is the first since the presidential election of Saturday 25th 2023

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