Weekly Epidemiological Update: Over 4.8 Million New Cases & Over 39 000 Deaths Reported in The last 28 Days…WHO

Weekly Epidemiological Update


Globally, over 4.8 million new cases and over 39 000 deaths were reported in the last 28 days (30 January to 26 February 2023), a decrease of 76% and 66%, respectively, compared to the previous 28 days. As of 26 February 2023, over 758 million confirmed cases and over 6.8 million deaths have been reported globally.

In this edition, we include:

  • The COVID-19 epidemiological update at the global and the regional levels
  • An update on the circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs) and Omicron subvariants under monitoring
  • An update on hospitalizations and ICU admissions related to COVID-19

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Sierra Leone: the last mile of COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Sierra Leone, a small coastal nation in the West African tropics, had just come out of a hard bout with Ebola when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. In spite of medical care being hard to access in large parts of the country, thanks to an extraordinary collective effort, the country reached the 70% vaccination target for their adult population.




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