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The Nigeria Labour Congress has issued a 7-day strike notice to the Federal Government and the central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to make cash available to workers or be ready for a nationwide shutdown.

NLC President Joe Ajaero at an emergency briefing in Abuja acused the federal government and CBN of deliberately creating crisis among workers and their families as a result of their in ability to access their own funds in commercial Banks.

The NLC equally warns against the unending fuel scarcity, which simply shows the lack of political will by government of the day to solve the crisis in the country’s oil and gas industry

The NLC is equally sending a warning to the imo state governor, Hope uzodinma for his non-challant attitudes towards workers and pensioners welfare.

The NLC ASK the federal government to demand explanation from Imo state governor how sixteen thousand pensioners suddenly became ghost pensioners and fifteen thousand fully employed and documented workers eventually became ghost workers.

The Labour Centre also used the briefing to warn Governor Hope Uzodinma that he will not get his way to suppress voters in the state at Saturday’s Governorship and state Houses of assembly polls, like was done during February 25 presidential and National assembly elections.


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