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Shina J.O


A Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court, Wednesday, remanded a 57- year-old woman, Ahemen Jam in prison for alleged criminal conspiracy, assault and causing grievous hurt on her help.

Ahemen Jam and her son Ornguga are accused of beating the minor and inflicting burns from a hot pressing iron to his buttocks.

The matter was adjourned to May 17th for futher mention.

Gruesome pictures of Aondonenge Jam a minor from Konshisha local government area of Benue State physical abused with burn like wounds on his buttocks believed to be inflicted by a hot pressing iron has continued to create quite a stir on social media.

Aondonenge was living with his uncle and family around international Market within Makurdi metropolis when the worrisome assault occurred by his uncle’s wife and her grown son that’s Aondonenge’s cousin.

However when apprehended Aondonenge’s aunt denies any involvement but rather pins it on her son who is now at large.

A disturbing incident chairman medical advisory committee if the Benue State University teaching hospital worries could cause emotional physical and psychological damage to the victim.

While Aondonenge baby brother and mother keep him company as he recuperates,his aunt of course remanded but his older cousin who reportedly carried out most of the assault is still freely going about his normal business which is most unsettling.

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