Anyone who fails to see and utilize an opportunity when it presented may end up waiting for eternity for another one to come. Luck and chance can happen but our understanding of the time matters. Sometimes, if not most times, the how, not the why or when, makes the visible difference.

Those who abused privileges, for whatever reason, may pay dearly for their actions even years after the deed had been forgotten.

Every viable seed has the potential to germinate and grow especially when planted in the right environment. What seems irrelevant or looks miniature today might form the rallying point tomorrow – and it will become worrisome when such has a connotation of evil.

The one who set a bubble trap for another person might be entangled and end up in the web. Sometimes, we become victims of our own wishes for others. Nature has ways of paying every man in his coin.

In the covenant of day and night with a well defined reward system, people reap what they sowed. The man of the moment can become a lonely bitter soul and an object of caricature.

No condition is permanent. History is full of stories of the big and mighty falling from grace to grass. The affluent can end up in abject poverty. It is no more news that the rich can also cry but some of them have lost everything and began to beg for bread.

It is the way of Nature that at the appointed time, the predator may become the prey. Those who aid and abet evil might end up as victims of the same evil. The one who cut the bridge after using it might end in the belly of a fish.

The current Nigeria situation is enough lessons on nemesis. Every species doesn’t just reproduce its kind; we get what we give. It is not possible to murder the conscience and sleep with both eyes closed.

One might succeed and pomp champagnes after a successful sordid deed but such a person would surely know no peace at the end. No one can stand and walk upright by pulling others down.

Little minds can go to any length for evil, and in their myopic mindset forget that no one is immune from pains and death. The man dies many times that kills another person for no just cause.

Woe unto him that is hired for dirty jobs and wicked deeds. Those with a penchant for destroying others end in shameful destruction.

There will always be consequences for every evil done. Anyone who derives joy from seeing others suffer should prepare for the worst. He will end up fetching water with a basket in the dry season!

Human beings have a common fate. Harsh economic reality is not a respecter of sex, age and class. Disasters do not select victims. No one is insulated from pain. Crisis does not know boundaries.

We can only get to the extent that we can see or imagine. Our creations depend on our imaginations but it pays to create something good rather than bad.

Everyone gives what he has in abundance. No man can give what he lacks.

Appearance can be deceptive yet anyhow one scratches the anus even with the best perfume, there will be some foul smell.

A man can lie to everyone every time, but he can never lie to his conscience even if it is dead. We cannot run away from our shadows.

We grow in proportion to our development and exposure, but the man who is never happy with the success of another person will remain unhappy regardless of what he possesses and accumulates. You cannot hold someone down and expect to walk upright and free.

If no one can stop the sun from shining then it is effort in futility trying to be a clog in the wheel of progress of another person. We are created by one God and most of the things we have and enjoy are given to us free by Nature. Except in cases of emergency, we use free air. The sun shines without borders and the same goes with the rain.

Day and night obey the rule of unconditionality – and everyone has equal time in a day.

That there is a light at the end of every tunnel is proof that every problem has a solution even if at infinity. Your time is coming. Rejoice and be glad for your season of celebration will not fail to come.

The mystery of life in the covenant of day and night is a good reminder that we live to die. Everyone is important for a while – and we die at the appropriate time so stop the mischief. Repent of evil.

The world is big enough for everyone. Discover your niche and explore it without plotting on how to put off another person’s light. We will achieve more with complementation than with competition – and if you must compete, compete with yourself.

It is a waste of time trying to please everyone. You cannot be everything to everyone so be yourself and do your part but without denying anyone his fundamental rights. Don’t give to anyone what you won’t take if given. Treat people the way you would love to be treated.

Nothing can make a man stronger and wiser than the betrayal of a loved one. It comes with regrets and sometimes tears but its associated lessons are valueless. To avoid being carried away, expect everything from everyone, everywhere, every time.

Certain things will happen that will cause you to have an inward self assessment and re-evaluation. Some experiences are not just invaluable but they are needed more in life if we are to fulfill our purpose of being here.

“Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” The glamour is not in the possession but in the provision. What matters is what you do with what you have not the worth of what you have so in your lacks and needs, be a blessing. Reach out and touch lives no matter the cost.

How have you used the resources God blessed you with?

How have you impacted lives, especially those of the people that cannot be able to pay or thank you in return? Impact your generation.

Age is a number but time is of essence. What we do with time, and how we do it, matters. There is a reason why you are here now. Discover yourself and fulfill your purpose.

Vision is good but perception is the key. Our knowledge can only become wisdom with approach. One thing may mean different things to different people or even the same person based on time and space.

There may be no end to the provision of tenable reasonable reasons even with a touch of foolishness. But is your justification for that action right? Done to you what you have done to others, will you not complain? Oftentimes, it pays to see others in you or through you.

Have a good look at the mirror!

What or who did you see?
Are you satisfied?

It is often the case that we support evil when our enemy is a victim but will cry out blood when the evil is visited on us. Anyway, nature has a way of paying us in our own coins. Call it retributive justice or nemesis; somehow, we will get what we give.

The professor of penis envy rarely gets erection when karma visits. And the man that kills hardly sleep with his two eyes closed.

Everyone has some degree of lack and want. We nurse our pains even when we try to hide them or do everything possible to live in denial because pain is real to the sufferer.

The way out is simple: share what you want to multiply. Be ready to receive what you wished for others. Live not for the endorsement of anyone. Cry your own cry in the best way possible to you but without infringing on another person’s right or crossing boundaries.

Given the opportunity, what is the one thing you would like to repeat even better without regret? However, a second chance rarely comes so do the best you can where you are and now. Maximize your potential, and make the world a better place for human habitation.


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