Elizabeth O. D

As Civil Society Organizations set Agenda for The President Elect, Some people of the Niger Delta have demanded for the immediate audit of the entire Niger Delta region covering health, livelihood, socio economic impacts of crude oil and gas extraction.

A renown environmental rights activist made this demand during the second Niger Delta alternatives convergence in port Harcourt with the theme “Restoring the Environment and Reclaiming the dignity of the people”.

In the over sixty five years of oil exploration in the Niger Delta region,the people have suffered severe environmental pollution and degradation.

Despite the wealth created by oil during this period, the Niger Delta region has suffered from worse unemployment indicators, unusually low life expectancy, livelihood losses among others.

This second Niger Delta alternatives convergence is an opportunity for stakeholders, civil society organizations to come together with a common front to demand for justice, fairness and equity.

The rapid plans by the major oil companies to divest from their onshore Niger Delta assets with out any plans to remedy their vast ecological damage and health impacts does not go down well with the people.

They also advocate the need for a review of the petroleum industry act PIA .

With all these demands,it is hoped that the incoming president elect will take proactive steps in addressing all the issues raised .


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