Seventy-four out of the 96 abducted members of Wanzamai Village in Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State, have regained freedom, after paying six million Naira ransom.

According to a resident of the troubled village, the abductors released 74, while they killed two of the victims, and held back twenty.

The 74 were brought into the village and taken to a private hospital for medical screening because many of them could not walk properly.

The 96 persons were said to have been abducted in the affected village but one of the victims later escaped, leaving 95 behind.

The abductors are insisting that families of the victims must add more money before they will free the remaining twenty persons still in captivity.

The 74 who regained freedom were weak, traumatized and needed urgent medical attention, to be able to get back on their feet.

It would be recalled that on Friday, 7th April, suspected terrorists invaded Wanzamai Village and abducted 96 women and children to an unknown location, demanding three million Naira ransom, which the families of the victims paid.

The abductors also demanded an additional two million Naira and later asked the families of the victims to add one million to make it three million Naira.

It was after this payment that they released the 74 victims.

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