Certain things that are supposed to exist only in the dream world have happened in Nigeria – and we witnessed them with some people reacting differently based on interests and other primordial considerations.

In the name of politics – dirty politics, some people have murdered their conscience to become effigies of evil, supporting absurdities that humanity dies at their stand.

The criminality that goes on in this country and on a daily basis can make the Devil a saint yet some of us remain indifferent because our perceived enemies were victims, forgetting that what goes around comes around.

On the altar of tribalism, rape has been legalized; with religious attachment, murder has been instigated, aided and commended that heartless murderers that should be behind bars become heroes with cult followership. In an orgy of absurdity, a tout can become the king maker, enjoying state protection while carrying out animalistic acts of annihilation, destroying life and property but with his family members abroad!

We put on a sanctimonious appearance but live on absolute falsehood. We condemn corruption but embrace the corrupt with big money – ill gotten money. We play religion and use it to cover our devilish intentions in a corroded mindset. In the art of hypocrisy, we act in different scripts at different times, speaking from the two sides of our mouths depending on the audience and what we want to achieve. We are but dirty dramatists seeking for relevance in the theatre of dirty politics, forgetting in haste that we receive what we release and get what we give.

Anything built on a false foundation cannot stand the test of time. The wealth created through fraud will surely bring about ill health by not breeding peace of mind. The power gotten through the back door with blood of hapless people will surely make one a hero with a foot of clay – and such a character often dies many times before real death.

Rejoicing over the pains of another person only makes one a beast. Destroying someone’s work will only make one a candidate for destruction. Anyone who kills another person for whatever reason will know no peace. The blood wasted will surely cry for vengeance and the one who spilled the blood directly or indirectly will not go unpunished.

Purveyors of falsehood and merchants of mischief should not be quick to celebrate their exploits for the harvest time will not fail to come. In multiple folds, we will get what we give.

The society ruled by criminals would end up through revolution because there is always a limit to human tolerance and when it is exceeded civility and decorum will be thrown to the dogs.

A thief will promote thievery sometimes with threats, but most times cowards issue threats – empty threats. When a mortal plays God, he becomes a mad dog – and one can guess the treatment given to mad dogs.

Evil can only triumph when people of conscience keep quiet and turn away from reality, and where this becomes the norm the psychopath with power would ascribe people’s leniency to the magical powers of his voodooism, forgetting that who the gods want to destroy, they first make blind.

It is only a misplaced priority to keep idols and worship carved images. Nothing good can come from man-made gods appeased by libation. Such a relationship breeds false confidence that ends in disgrace, but unfortunately this is the path toed by most rulers. They would rather serve carved images than do the right things right, proving that dead dogs have nothing to offer.

The man is doomed that strives to manipulate others. At the appointed time, he will be manipulated from every side even by his partners in crime and confidants. Live a life of deception and become a candidate for deception.

Oftentimes, life is what we make it. Our thoughts when married to our conscious actions produce results. You will be manipulated if you live by manipulating others for it is natural that those who live by the sword die by the sword.

To build trust, you must be ready to put up with a lot of attacks within and outside. You may taste betrayals even from people you least expected such. Your friends might be paid handsomely just to stab you – and when money exchanges hands, anything can happen.

Mutual distrust springs out of envy. Among others, it can creep in through blackmail found in pretended friendship and false sense of appreciation meant to get close, but for evil. Watch those who cry more than the bereaved in the public arena to get attention – they are not dependable and reliable.

Watch the company you keep. Hatred is inevitable where abuse is a religion practiced with fanaticism in the contest for superiority. The people you are fighting for may team up to revolt against you.

The carnival of evil takes centre stage among primitive people full of toxic behaviours – and when they gather for a pound of flesh, they will stop at nothing, what with the god of mammon feeding the flame.

It beats rational thinking why men can go to any length just to destroy their fellow human beings.

When friendship goes sour, decorum is thrown to dungeons. At this point, people fight dirty, using everything within their reach to destroy their enemies. This calls for caution. Be careful with the information you release or the things you do with friends and colleagues when the going is good because they may use it against you in the battle ring to get you down and out.

In a show of wickedness, heartless people will tell you that there is no mercy in pursuit of power, and there is no limit to what one can do to get even. Those who want you out can stop at nothing to execute their plans.

But why extinguish someone’s light if the act will not increase the intensity of your own light?

There is no limit to the machinations of men – and every idiot can excel on a higher degree of idiocy with bait and a bite of a rotten pie.

In a bid to change one’s status and belong to the ruling class, a “saint” can become the devil’s incarnate!

The human species is a very funny but dangerous species that cannot be predicted. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the humane part in the human being. What some people have done and can do, within a cell, remains unimaginable. It is no more news that a brother can kill his brother, a sister can kill her sister, a wife can kill her husband, a father can kill his child, children can kill their parents, and at the end they throw a party to celebrate such absurdity.

The burden of hypocrisy is that among other things, it makes one shameless and toxically unstable, promoting a system of criminality in a society of chaos.

When, for whatever reason, one chooses to call black white, there would be need for caution. Those around such a character must sit up and resist the urge for destruction.

The man who can speak from the two sides of his mouth after selling his conscience can stop at nothing to do evil as long as his interest is taken care of – and the one who soils his hands with blood will like everyone to go down with him.

The people who urge the men of power into the abuse of power are the actual enemies of humanity. With subtle acts of minionism, they elevate sycophancy to a state art whose act can bamboozle the target especially if he is someone that is promoted above his ability, doing everything but wrongly to attract attention and get noticed.

In the act of absurdity, even under spell or intoxication, the actors must remember either through history or intuition that nothing lasts forever. Kings reign and die; kingdoms come and go, but the things done within such a space may linger. You are responsible for your actions.

Therefore, be careful and mindful of yourself so as not to end up on the bad side of history having a prominent place within negative statistics!

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