The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC has distanced itself from any plans to scuttle the inauguration of President-Elect Bola Tinubu on May 29 as alluded by one Ali Mohammed of Arewa Youths Assembly who are calling for the arrest and prosecution of NLC President, Joe Ajaero

In a statement by NLC Head of Media Benson Upah, the workers body says the allegations are cheap blackmail intended to divert the attention of the leadership of the NLC from its obligation and mission to the people.

The NLC says it is a pan- Nigerian body and has no room for nepotism and secret plots

The Arewa group had acused the NLC President, Joe Ajaero of plans to scuttle the inauguration of the Ahmed Bola Tinubu and that he is working with IPOB to actualise the presidential ambition of Peter Obi of the Labour Party

The group equally said that Ajaero is using the NLC to promote Biafran agenda and that along with his general secretary, Emmanual Ugboaja received SUV Jeeps, to be silent o the CBN cash policy.

The group equally accused NLC that it is the first time the President and General Secretary will be from the same ethnic group which makes it convenient for them to prosecute the Biafràn agenda

Ajaero is also being acused of using the Igbo-dominated NLC to sabotage the economy of the country and that “the invasion of Lagos and Imo Airports by IPOB fundamentalists masquerading as NLC is only but the beginning of what Ajaero is hatching to stop Tinubu from taking the oath of office on May 29.


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