The Nigeria Emergency Management Agency, NEMA has announced suspension of the evacuation exercise with the 7th batch of 147 Nigerians airlifted from port Sudan to Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja by Tarco Aviation on Saturday, 13th May 2023.

Briefing Journalists in Abuja to give an update on the process, the Director General, mustapha habeeb said the remaining 167 claiming on social media to be stranded Nigerians in Port Sudan must present neccessary informations and documents of their citizenship as Nigerians to be airlifted.

Habeeb explained that Federal gotv didn’t ask any of the returnees to make payment for the evacuation unlike other countries which the citizens foot the bills of their traveling expenses to their various countries

The DG noted that in 3weeks, 15 flights had air transport 2,518 with 23 retunees medically confirmed sick while 10 were treated within the airport hospital
Including 8 days old baby treated for jaundice.

The last Airlift which is the 15th flights brings the total to 2,518 Nigerians in the exercise carried out by the federal govt with relevant key players to evacuate Nigerians in danger from conflict-ridden sudan back to the country in safety.


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