The Presidential Election Petition Court on Wednesday refused to recognize the Labour Party after two officials announced their presence in court

The court however recognized and recorded the presence of the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi

The problem began when Duda Manuga, who sat beside Obi, stood up to announce her presence as the National Women Leader of the Labour Party. Soon after that, Lamidi Apapa who had assumed the role as the National Chairman of the LP announced his presence, seeking to be recognized as the party’s representative in the court’s proceedings for the day

In a quick ruling, the five member panel presided by Justice Haruna Tsamani ruled that due to the conflict in who is standing in for the party in court, it would not recognize any of the two persons

“If two persons are apppearing for the Labour Party, we are not recording anybody’s name as representing the party”, the court held.

Earlier, there was an altercation between the Lamidi Apapa group and Julius Abure group with Apapa questioning why Abure’s group was in court and insisting he is the court recognized national chairman of the party. It is the first time Apapa and his group are attending the court’s proceedings since the presidential election petition hearing began



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