President of the World Medical Association WMA, Dr Osahon Enabulele, has advocated for the need to humanize the whole healthcare value chain in Patients care process.

Enabulele made this known while speaking at the 10th Global Patients’ Congress organized by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organization IAPO, held in Geneva, Switzerland ahead of the 76th World Health Assembly which will start Today Sunday,May 21st 2023 in Geneva.

Dr.Enabulele stated that the Patient-Physician relationship was as old as mankind and the origin of medicine, and that the World Health Association has been a strong proponent of improved Patient-Physician relationship through a Patient-centred care approach.

He said the World Medical Association has been a frontline advocate of patient-centred care through its various policies and declarations, including the Declaration of the Geneva International Code of Medical Ethics, the Declaration of Lisbon, amongst other efforts of the Association.

He however regretted that recent trends of violence against Physicians, and burn outs resulting from work overload and indecent working conditions could potentially frustrate efforts at promoting the concept of Patient-centred care.

Dr.Enabulele called for a wholistic appraisal of the challenges militating against the practice of patient-centred care, including resolving issues pertaining to the well-being, autonomy, safety, decent workplace and working conditions of physicians.

According to the former President of the Nigerian medical association “Humanizing the patient the care process cannot be attained without humanizing the whole healthcare value chain, including appropriate investments in the development of a resilient health workforce.


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