With Seventy Four Percentage Of The Global Population, especially those in developing Countries at Risk Of Non- communicable Diesases, the need to adopt healthy lifestyles according to health Experts is becoming more critical

Speaking in commemoration of the 2023 life style medicine week in Lagos with the theme” Beat the root cause of Non- communicable Disease With DREAMS” The speakers noted that the diseases most people suffer from are directly related to the choice of what they eat,Drink ,Physical activities and Relationship.

“Dr Moyosore Makinde, Consultant Family Physician & Int’l Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, President SOLONg noted that Most of the non communicable Diesases like hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke Cancers and several Others were before now classified as the diseases of the elderly now affect all age groups going by Recent statistics from the world health organization WHO and the world health federation,

While the management of this diseases remains a huge burden for individuals and governments across the globe,the life style medicine specialty seeks to focus on the Prevention, Management and cure for these diseases through six key Pillars known as DREAMS.

The D,Stands for Diet, encouraging people to eat whole nuts, fresh foods from the farm that have not under gone processing, Avoidance of Red meat , Alcoholic drinks and Smoking.

The R stands for Positive Relationship devoid of hatred , bitterness etc.

The E represent regular and delibrate active lifestyle and Excercise.

A, represents avoidance of toxic and harmful substances

M Represents maintaining good mental health And the S represents good sleep of at least Eight Hours daily.

Given the High level of stress and mental health challenges associated with the harsh economic realities, focusing on music and other positive memories that brings happiness will help you worry less about situations you can not change Said Dr Chinasa Andi, A Public Health Physician, Int’l Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Certified Weight loss coach & Nutritionist, Membership secretary, SOLONg

The Lifestyle Medicine Week is an annual event celebrated on the 21-26th of May world over to promote healthy behaviours.


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