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Zambia, Ghana, Burundi And The Democratic Republic Of Congo have licensed Ervebo,an EBOLA Vaccine produced by Merck’s for use.

The Vaccine pre-qualified by the World Health Organization according to a press release is expected in additional Countries in the coming weeks.

By this latest development, the manufacturer is to distribute the Vaccine enmass to African Countries at risk of the disease outbreak

The Vaccine according to experts has shown to be safe and protective against the Zaire Strain of Ebola Virus.

The Vaccine is said to consist of a vesicular stomatitis Virus which is an animal virus that causes flu like illness in humans.

LAGOS ALLEGED MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE: Family Of 3 Year Old Boy Demands Justice



DANIELS G.O : Publisher

The Lagos State Commissioner For Health Professor Akin Abayomi has reiterated the Government’s determination to halt avoidable deaths of neonates, infants and children by vigorously implementing relevant policies and strategies.

The Commissioner said this while reacting to a news report in the Guardian Newspaper Family of Three-Year Old Boy who Died in Lagos Hospital Demand Justice’; wherein it was reported that a three-year old child died of negligence and misconduct at one of the Lagos State Government owned secondary care facilities, the Eti-Osa Maternal and Childcare Centre, Lekki-Ajah.

In a Press Statement By the Commissioner,, he expressed heartfelt condolence to the family of the deceased and prayed for the repose of the soul of the departed, with a promise to ensure Justice Prevails.

The incident Occurred between Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September, 2022
Which the management of the facility had also officially reported .
to the Ministry
For Investigation
into the allegation and the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident has since commenced at the facility level.

The Commissioner said he has also requested an independent investigation into the incident “According to him, the investigation will include an autopsy, a review of medical records of the patient and additional documents, enquiries from medical staff who attended to the deceased, and parents of the child.

Without pre-empting the outcome of the on-going investigation, The Commissioner said he would like to state that this is a Coroner’s inquest case, which is why an autopsy has been requested to determine the actual cause of death.

He therefore Called for calm and assure members of the public of our commitment to conduct a transparent and thorough investigation into the incident, and make available the outcome of the investigation.

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Provides Pupils with Hearing Aids

…Screens and offers Primary Ear Care to over 1000 Pupils

As part of efforts to reduce hearing impairment amongst school children, particularly pupils with educationally significant hearing loss, the Lagos State Government in collaboration with a non-governmental organisation, Hearmax Initiative, has provided hearing aids; an electronic device designed to improve hearing, to nine primary school pupils.

The pupils who are part of over 1000 school children screened by the Lagos State Ministry of Health during a pilot study on hearing impairment commissioned on the request of the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu in selected primary schools in Lagos, were presented with hearing aids after a confirmatory test for varying degrees of hearing loss.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony, the Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi noted that the pilot study on hearing impairment, the screening and eventual presentation of hearing aids to pupils is in recognition of the consequences of hearing impairment amongst school children particularly the negative impact it has on academic performance.

In his words: “Hearing impairment amongst children most often continues undetected and eventually leads to perennial or permanent negative impacts on their academic performance. It is in recognition of the consequences of hearing impairment that the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Health is collaborating with the Hearmax initiative to provide primary school pupils with hearing aids.

“So what we are doing in Lagos now, under Mr Governor’s instruction, is to set up a pilot study to go into our primary schools and to identify certain primary schools in each local government and screen the children in the school to see if we can pick up any children with hearing impairment.”

The Commissioner explained that the pilot study on hearing impairment amongst pupils of primary schools involved the screening of 1,131 students in selected primary schools for hearing loss, adding that the screening provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of the students’ sense of hearing.

“Out of the 1,131 pupils that were screened, 676 pupils had wax with foreign impaction while 14 pupils passed the confirmatory test for varying degrees of hearing loss, and nine of them were suitable for hearing aids. So we are here presenting the hearing aids to the affected pupils following relevant tests and confirmation of suitability”, Abayomi said.

While noting that good eyesight and hearing are essential for a child to achieve academic potential, the Commissioner noted that the Lagos State Government embarked on the initiative in order to improve the academic performance of pupils with hearing impairment by advancing hearing health amongst school children.

Abayomi stressed the need for hearing and sight impediments to be picked up and corrected early to forestall the negative impact it may have in the life of children particularly in academics and social life.

“If you have a hearing impairment or sight impediment, then if it can be corrected, it needs to be corrected early and quickly, otherwise it will have a long lasting impact on your life. So for children, when they are having a problem with hearing or seeing, it will obviously affect their academic performance. And if they drop back in class or lose confidence in their ability to learn, then it can affect them emotionally for the rest of their lives”, He said.

Speaking in the same vein, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, noted that the Lagos State Government is poised to reduce the incidences and negative impact of hearing loss amongst citizens by promoting advocacy and awareness on ear and hearing care access.

Ogboye who presented the hearing aids to the affected pupils alongside with the Commissioner congratulated beneficiaries of the aid and their parents advising that they take good care of the device for their own benefit.

The Executive Director, Hearmax initiative, Dr. Ibraheem Salako said his organisation is happy to collaborate with the Lagos State Government to provide succour to the nine pupils. He added that the collaboration aligns with the vision of his organisation to “improve lives, one ear at a time”.

“Hearing loss happens to be a silent disorder which often goes unnoticed in children and may result in long lasting academic, social, emotional, and behavioural challenges. Today we are very excited to be a part of this program and today in partnership with the Lagos State government we were able to screen over 1000 children across all local government areas and provide ear caring services for over 600 children”, he said.

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Tunbosun Ogunbanwo

Director, Public Affairs

21st September, 2022

Lagos State New Traffic Offences And Their Fines.



Lagos State New Traffic Offences And Their Fines.

1. Driving without a Driver’s licence – Impound vehicle.

2. Driving of any vehicle by person under 18 – N30,000.

3. Driving with fake number plates – N30,000, 3 years in prison.

4. Driving with forged vehicle particulars – 6 months in prison.

5. Driving with fake driver’s licence – 6 months in prison.

6. Driving without road worthiness – Impound vehicle.

7. Driving only yellow – N80,000. Enforce painting

8. Driving without Hackey permit – Impound vehicle.

9. No display of Hackey permit – Impound vehicle

10. Kabu Kabu without permit – Impound vehicle

11. Disobeying LASTMA Officer – N30,000/
Impound vehicle.

12. Neglect of traffic direction light – 3 months in prison.

13. Smoking while driving – N30,000/Impound vehicle.

14. Physically assault traffic officer – N50,000/6 months in prison.

15. Driving without full light – N50,000.

16. Driving with worn out tyre – N30,000.

17. Driving without spare tyre – N30,000

18. Driving smoking vehicle – N30,000

19. No fire extinguisher – N30,000

20. Broken windscreen – N30,000

21. Tinted windscreen – N30,000

22. Eating and driving with one hand – 3 months in prison.

23. One way driving – 3 years in prison

24. Driving without fasten seat blt – N30,000

25. Not painting a commercial vehicle the approved colour – N50,000

26. No car hire service permit – 1st 20,000; 2nd N30,000, Impond vehicle

27. Parking on yellow line on any public highway/

illegal parking – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

28. Vehicle crossing double yellow line/center line – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

29. Staying within the yellow junction box (offside rule) – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

30. Failure to yield to right of the way of pedestrian at zebra crossing – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

31. Failure to give to traffic on the left at a roundabout – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

32. Driving on walkway or kerb – Impound

33. Reversing on the highway & parking on walkways – 50,000 naira

34. Obstruction of traffic -20,000 naira

35. Picking/Dropping passengers on illegal B/stop -50,000 naira

36. Driving on BRT lanes – 70,000 naira.

Ignorance is not an excuse! While we accept that it’s not possible for all the traffic agencies to arrest everyone, all they just need is someone who will be used as a scapegoat, please, don’t be one of such.

Obey all traffic laws and drive responsibly.



Publisher: Daniels G.O


How Time Flies! Ten Years just like Yesterday when Doctor Marius Uchenna Ashibougwu left this World to be with his Maker.

His Passage at the young of 28 Years came as a Devastating Blow to His Mother Mareena Samuel, the entire Family and Close Associates.

The Desire to immortalize Doctor Marius birthed “The Marius Ashibougwu Foundation (MAUF ) ten years ago said the Executive Director Of The Foundation, Mareena Samuel.

“During his lifetime, he has always desired to own a foundation where the less privileged will be given a sense of belonging, cared for and given a hope for the future. That inspired the pay-off of MUAF which is providing hope for a better living. After he passed on, I felt the only way to keep his dream and name alive was to start his dream posthumously. He lived with no religious, ethnic or gender bias he saw everybody as one.

MUA Foundation is focused on a mission to saving lives, and alleviating sufferings, engaging in medical and educational sponsorships for the less privilege, bridging the gap of comforts for the needy. At MUA Foundation we envision a society where sustainable Health, Education, Economic and Social Rights of the less privileged, especially mother and child are protected. Our mission at MUA Foundation is to save lives, alleviate sufferings, promote good health and support the mitigation of the impact of infant mortality rate in Nigeria”

From the numerous Projects excuted by the foundation that cuts across all human endeavors , Education, Health Care,Care for the Aged and lots more, You will indeed agree with me that Marius lives on even in Death.

The celebration of MAUF Tenth year Anniversary that kick stated with a mental health awareness walk the started from Number 3 Ola Ayinde Street Ikeja To immaculate heart college in Maryland.

There, Students were taught the fundamental of mental health and how to manage stress through regular excercising , Speaking To a medical expert when the need Arises.

The Executive Director Of MAUF Promised a Schoolarship for the best students in Art And Science of the College.

Late Doctor Marius being a lover of Music who doubled as a Disk Jockey, The Event was spiced up by Sweet tunes that made everyone danced tirelessly.

From The The college, The MAUF team Proceed to The Foundation’s office at Ikeja for a reception, Cutting of the Anniversary Cake and Presentation Of Awards to Individuals who have been dedicated to the course of the foundation from inception.

The event continued on Thursday 15th Of September with the commissioning of Some Projects at Makoko and Bariga Areas of Lagos.

Among the Projects excuted were renovation of some schools, Donation of Two Industrial Fish dryers To Empower Market women in Asejere Market in Makoko area of Lagos State.

The foundation has also built a school for the IDP camp in Benue State with future plans to extended to other states of the federation to impact more lives.

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Queen Elizabeth II has died, according to Buckingham Palace, setting off an outpouring of grief in Britain for the 96-year-old monarch, who reigned for 70 years.

She died at Balmoral Castle, her beloved summer home in the Scottish Highlands.

Many of her four children, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren were at Balmoral or on their way there, including her son Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.

More Details To Come Later.

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A seven storey Building still under construction has collapsed Sunday morning at Oba Idowu Oniru street by Avi Maria hospital close to Sand field bustop, Lekki, Lagos state .

According to the South West Cordinator, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Ibrahim Farinloye, six persons are said to be trapped on the third floor where two bodies have also been recovered by the emergency responders who rushed to the scene of the incident.

The Building was said to have given distressed vibrations for couple of minutes before crumbling slowly which enabled about thirty people sleeping inside the building to jump to safety.

This was the condition of the seven storey building four days before it crumbled Sunday as construction workers were sighted working at the site.

Emergency rescue operation is still ongoing by NEMA and LASEMA officials present using heavy duty equipment to rescue the trapped victims still under the rubble.

Though officials of the Lagos state Building Control Agency ( LASBCA) was said to have sealed the building on the 18th of February 2021, it still remained unclear who permitted the construction work at the site to continue.

Meanwhile search and rescue operations by the emergency responders have reached the last floor sunday evening.

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Stowaway Found in parked Aircraft At MMA2 lagos




The porous security at the nation’s Airports has once again been exposed as a stowaway was discovered in a parked aircraft belonging to United Nigeria Airways in the early hours of Sunday Morning 4th September 2022.

The Airline in a statement by its spokesman Achillus Chud-Uchegbu stated that during preflight inspection, a stowaway was found in one of their aircraft parked at the Murtala Muhammad Airport 2.

The man said to be middle aged looked unkempt and is suspected to be unconscious, was arrested and taken in for interrogation.

The Aircraft where the stowaway was found last operated Abuja-lagos at 7.30pm on Saturday September 3, 2022 and was securely parked at the Apron.

The affected aircraft is being screened and prepared for service in accordance with the Airlines operating standards.

FAAN Aviation security and Bicourtney security services have commenced investigation into this security breach at MM2

The Airline noted that this development will result in rescheduling of some flights to accommodate the investigation

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……..Commemorates Y2022 African Traditional Medicine Day

Lagos State Government today unveiled a code of conduct handbook for traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners as part of efforts to regulate the practice of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine in the State.

The 12-page document developed by the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board (LSTMB) clearly outlines appropriate conduct expected of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners; traditional medicine ingredients and herbal product sellers (Elewe-Omo); and botanical and herbal product dispenser (Alagbo), as well as offences and penalties for defaulters.

Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu who unveiled the document at a public symposium held at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa to commemorate the Year 2022 African Traditional Medicine Day in Lagos, explained that the code of conduct handbook was developed to guide traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners aright in providing qualitative healthcare services to citizens whilst conforming to basic ethical standard.

Sanwo-Olu who was represented by the State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi averred that there is need to properly regulate the practice of the traditional, complementary and alternative medicine as about 80% of residents patronize the traditional and alternative health care practitioners for their health care needs.

While noting that the wellbeing of citizens is of utmost priority of administration, the Governor disclosed that the State Government will take responsibility for ensuring that the traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practice is in line with best practices.

He added that the State Government will continue to educate citizens on the benefits of traditional, complementary and alternative medicines and ensure that practitioners operate within their scope of practice.

He said: “As a government, we are concerned about the wellbeing of our citizens here in Lagos and we know that 80% of you are using traditional medicine or alternative medicine. It is imperative that we understand what you are using, for your own safety. One of the key responsibilities of government is public protection and so our role is to make sure that you are aware of the benefits of traditional medicine and also aware that if the practice is not regulated, may be harmful”.

Sanwo-Olu who stated that the code of conduct handbook for practitioners is the first of its kind in Nigeria, explained that development and launch of document is an indication of the commitment of the State Government to fight quackery in traditional and alternative medicine practice as well as a show of professionalism of the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board.

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Speaking on the theme of the Y2022 African Traditional Medicine Day Celebration, “Two Decades of African Traditional Medicine: Progress Towards Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Africa”, the Governor said the theme is well thought out as it underscores an urgent need to ensure that both traditional and conventional medicine work together to provide sustainable health care delivery to citizens.

It is important for us to find a way in which traditional and conventional medicine can work together. When you go to India, China and other places you walk into a health facility and you see traditional medicine practitioners on one side and conventional practitioners on the other side, and they tend to collaborate very well because everyone knows their boundaries. It is very important that you do not practice outside of your scope because you are putting the life of your patients at risk’’ he said.

While explaining the importance of traditional medicine practice in the state, Abayomi disclosed that there are about 10000 registered traditional Medicine practitioners in the state which is an excess of 4000 orthodox doctors in Lagos.

“It may surprise you that there are 10000 registered traditional medicine practitioners in Lagos state. Registered practitioners which means you have been issued a certificate as licenced to practice within a sub discipline of the traditional medicine accredited by the traditional medicine board. In addition to that there are at least 500 registered complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in Lagos today. It will also surprise you that the traditional medicine practitioners are in excess of the conventional doctors and nurses; there are only 4000 registered doctors in Lagos”, He said.

The Secretary to the State Government, Mrs Folashade Jaji in her address at the event explained that the 2022 African Traditional Medicine Day Celebration presents another opportunity to educate the people on the benefits of traditional medicine adding that traditional medicine has proven to be effective in treating diseases and other health related issues including stress and anxiety.

Jaji who was represented by the Director, Political Service, Mrs Olabisi Shonibare stated further that the present administration remains committed to the achievement of its health and environment mandate of the themes agenda and will not relent in policy making and implementation geared towards achieving a sustainable health care delivery system in the state.

Earlier in his remarks, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. Olusegun Ogboye stated that the Lagos state Traditional Medicine Board has been doing a lot of work around getting traditional medicine practitioners registered and helping them build their capacity for effective service delivery.

Dr. Ogboye explained further that the State government is committed to eradicating quacks from traditional medicine practice, adding that all health care givers in the state will be properly regulated irrespective of the spectrum, stressing that some practitioners tend to hide under orthodox or traditional practice whenever it pays them.

“Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board has been doing a lot of work in getting traditional medicine practitioners registered and helping them to build their capacity including spending time with orthodox practitioners teaching them about different herbs and also work around regulating them”.

“Some of our people want to hide behind orthodox medicine when it pays them and hide behind traditional medicine when it pays them. These are things that we have been able to sought out among ourselves such that whichever side of the spectrum that you belong, you will be regulated for the protection of the people of Lagos. We need to keep quacks out of traditional medicine practice” He said.

Speaking in the same vein, the Chairman Traditional Medicine Board, Prof Adebukola Adefule Oshitelu in her remarks urged the traditional medicine practitioner to always operate within their scope so as to avoid putting their patients in greater risks.

She urged practitioners of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine to exude professionalism and be guided by the ethics of the profession at all times as codified in the handbook. She noted that every noble profession is guided by code of conducts that set it apart from practice by charlatans and quacks.





Nigerian hip-hop rapper songwriter Ice Prince Zamani is in the custody of the Lagos State Police and he is expected to be arraigned today for allegedly assaulting a police officer at about 3am Friday September 2nd 2022.

The Oleku singer was said to have been flagged down by police officers on duty for driving without a license plate.

Ice Prince was said to have agreed to be taken to the police station but he allegedly abducted a police officer in his car, assaulted him threatening to throw him into the lagoon.

A tweet confirming the singer’s arrest the spokes person Lagos State Police Command SP Benjamin Hundeyin has spelt out areas where the singer’s action contravened the law.

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