Concerning Rumours making the round about a suspected case of corona virus in Alimosho local government area,the Commissioner for Health Professor Abayomi says it is a fake rumour. He noted that Lagos has no suspected or confirmed case of corona virus.

“We heard the same rumour and we deployed our biosecurity team there yesterday. They have gathered a lot of medical and community intelligence and so far and it appears to us that there is no such thing and that this was fake news”.

“I want to use this opportunity to appeal to Lagosians and Nigerians that when you spread false rumours, it is actually very damaging. Though, it is testing our capacity to respond but is also very expensive and can cause panic in the community apart from the stigmatization it causes”, the Commissioner explained.

Abayomi noted that novel Coronavirus is not a case of a racial illness. He stressed that the disease can affect anybody.

“It is neither a Chinese disease nor an African disease, it is a disease and it can happen to anybody, so we are appealing to Lagosians, please do not spread false rumours, it is dangerous, causes harm and it is a waste of resources. But we are ready, if these episodes get to the media we will respond and if we are able to track down perpetrators of these fake news then the law will take its course”, he said.


Tunbosun Ogunbanwo

Director, Public Affairs

9th February, 2020

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